100 Miles in the Sonoran Desert: Oracle to Picketpost on the Arizona Trail


The 800 mile-long Arizona Trail spans the state, from Mexico north to Utah. It was conceived in the 1970s, by Dale Shewalter who, in 1985, walked it to check out the possibilities. Over the next 30 years, his concept became a reality and has gained National Scenic Trail status. The many people and entities who worked …

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Watch: Guerrilla Gravity Pedalhead 27.5+ Review

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 9-edit

Guerrilla Gravity is making quite the name for themselves with their hand-built mountain bike frames. Based in Denver, Colorado, only a short drive from some world class riding in the Front Range, a group or avid mountain bikers decided they couldn’t find the hardtail they wanted. They wished for a bike that could pedal uphill well but …

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Punji Stake Trap Discovered in the UK

Photo: Twelve50 Bikes

Update:  Twelve50 has just released an update: The stakes are there from when the forest was planted and weren’t manufactured with the sole intention of being taken to the hill to inflict harm. The offending posts have now been removed. They were originally taken from a jump which is now unsafe. This jump will be …

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The Hood Report: Seeking Solitude on Cedar Creek and 15-Mile

the hood report

With the exception of a few connector trails (two of which are undergoing extension and re-route), this report on the Cedar Creek/15-Mile loop will conclude our coverage of the 44 Trails–geographically the most expansive network in the Mount Hood region. This collection of trails to the east of Mount Hood are special to the area, …

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The Hood Report: Intro to the 44 Trails, Report on Knebal Springs and 8-Mile

The Hood Report

The Hood River Valley courses nearly 40 miles along Highway 35, bound by Mount Hood to the south, the Columbia River to the north, and the Cascade Range to the west. A large ridge system runs the eastern border of the valley where, 26 miles south of Hood River, OR, National Forest Development Road (NFD) 44 climbs into the ridge …

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