Grand Targhee Resort Offers Singletrack Nirvana–And It’s Getting Better Every Day!

Micheal sending the Buffalo Drop

As Editor in Chief for Singletracks, rumors of developing trails and trail systems drift to my ears from all parts of the country, and the world. Occaisonallly I only hear a rumor once, or it seems unsubstantiated. But for certain areas, I hear a rumor again and again, from multiple sources, with new information building …

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Watch: Riding Lakes Basin With Mark Weir and Ben Cruz | Trail Ninja, Ep. 27

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 9 trail ninja

Only 30 miles north of legendary Downieville, California, sits an oasis of empty, deserted old mining trails ready for plundering. The Trail Ninja joins Cannondale riders Mark Weir and Ben Cruz for a 2 day romp around the Lakes Basin area, pulling mile upon mile of flowy turns and endless rocky staircases out of the …

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Shoulder Season Exploration: Sidewinder Trail, Delta, Colorado


Shredding powder in the midst of winter is fantastic, and so, of course, is riding high-alpine singletrack in the middle of the summer. But during the transition from season-to-season, there are a dreaded pair of time periods that defy definition, during which the weather could vacillate wildly from one extreme to the other. We call …

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The “Other Trail,” Appendix 3: South Marquette, Michigan


In recent years, Copper Harbor, Michigan, has rightfully established itself as a major mountain biking destination with a very unique and diverse set of trails in a beautiful setting. Like Moab, Downieville, and Pisgah, Copper Harbor has become a must-do pilgrimage for any well-rounded mountain biker’s bucket list.  But it’s remote–about as remote as anything …

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75 Miles of Singletrack, Connected to Town: Helena, Montana’s South Hills Trail System


Helena, like most towns in Montana, is surrounded by hundreds of miles of backcountry singletrack, up high in the mountains. But unlike many other Montana towns, they also have absolutely fantastic riding located directly adjacent to town–75 miles of it, in fact. This area is known as the “South Hills Trail System.” This trail network …

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Ride Report: MacDonald Pass, Helena, Montana


Helena, Montana’s Shuttlefest began with the most backcountry trail that they routinely shuttle to: the MacDonald Pass portion of the Continental Divide Trail. We have a popular CDT shuttle route near my home of Salida, Colorado. It’s called the Monarch Crest… perhaps you’ve heard of it? I wasn’t sure what to expect from MacDonald Pass, …

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