Watch: Is the GoPro Mouth Mount a Cheap Gimbal Alternative?

Colton tries to determine how well a GoPro mouth mount will work for shooting mountain biking POV footage.

I’ve been on a mission to find the best GoPro mounts for mountain biking.  I have tried all sorts of different mounts and cameras looking for the best, most stable footage I can get.  I eventually caved and got a wearable gimbal, which is great, but isn’t necessarily the perfect option.  Wearable gimbals are a bit of a pain to bring out on a ride, are fragile, and can really get in the way.

It’s pretty well-known that GoPros mounted on your head are more stable than a bike or body mounted camera.  I don’t love helmet mounted GoPro videos because I think they lack context and are basically just a camera floating through the woods. I love the chesty mount because it gives great context but without an expensive gimbal, it is way too shaky.

Is this the cheap gimbal alternative for great GoPro mountain bike videos?  Watch the video to find out.