Five2Ride: The Best Bike Trails near Las Vegas, NV

In addition to gambling, Las Vegas is home to some top-notch desert mountain biking. The best bike trails in the area include Bootleg Canyon, the Blue Diamond Network, the Cowboy Trails, Little Red Rock Trail, and Mt. Charleston.

Las Vegas is well known for many forms of hedonism. In case you aren’t already aware, you can add shredding singletrack to your list of Sin City indulgences. In fact, you could spend a week in Vegas and never have the need to hit the strip if you have your bike with you. If you’re such a person and you find yourself in such a place, here’s a workweek’s worth of rides to keep you cranking.

Blue Diamond Network

Photo: Dinno Domingo

Just off the southwest corner of Las Vegas is the tiny community of Blue Diamond. Tiny as Blue Diamond is, the network of singletrack that it anchors is massive and varied. There are actually multiple networks, any of which would be considered huge, and together they comprise as much as 150 miles of narrow trail, often in the shadow of some of the Southwest’s best scenery. While you can hurt yourself either on rocks or cacti, most of the trails are nonthreatening… but I guess you could still hurt yourself by trying to attack that much mileage!

“Awesome trail half an hour from the strip.  Bring loads of water and suncreen. Great trails with lots of awesome flowy sections and enough pretty technical sections to keep it interesting. Only a handful [of] semi-difficult climbs.” -zachsch

Bootleg Canyon

The other direction from Vegas, a short jaunt beyond the southeast corner of the city, is Boulder City, originally home to crews building Hoover Dam, but now home to the epic Bootleg Canyon trail network. This is another very diverse collection of trails, this time ranging in technical difficulty all the way up to full-on black diamond, high-consequence-for-failure enduro and downhill routes.

“Fun riding! There are some pretty technical rocky spots where less experienced riders will need to get off and walk their bike. Lots of rocky singletrack makes for challenging rides. There’s also plenty of trails for less experienced riders.” -dstols

Cowboy Trails

Photo: Caren Villaroman

Another scenic and rocky/technical network, the Cowboy Trails get less bike traffic than other comparable networks in the area. Don’t go looking for flow, as these are old school trails; go looking for challenge and with that attitude, you’ll create your own flow. This just might be one of the more satisfying rides in the area.

“Stellar rocky desert singletracks with creativs loops on canyon-top fingers. Best to have full suspension for these trails.” -kier

Little Red Rock Trail

Photo: Greg Bailey

Not looking for a monster epic or continuous opportunities for pain? Tap into the seven miles of the Little Red Rock Trail for some fast intermediate riding, all with the same spectacular west side scenery.

“Excellent intermediate trail. Good workout up and sweet downhill. Not too technical but will keep your attention.” -Greg Bailey

Mt. Charleston Downhill

Although visible from the strip, Mt. Charleston is a whole different world. The altitude creates a montane subalpine environment that bears little resemblance to the blazing desert below. The mountain also plays host to a number of high quality singletrack trails which can be used for killer climbs, but make for even better descents. Whether you shuttle or earn your turns, Mt. Charleston will completely satisfy any singletrack junkie.

“If downhill is your thrill, this trail is the medicine for you.”

For more information on mountain biking in Sin City, be sure to check out this episode of Trail TV:

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