Six 29er Mountain Bikes That Will Put a Grin on Your Grill

Niner Rip 9 rdo ride mountain bike review

Finding the right mountain bike is like searching for that special someone that completes your world. Here are six 29ers you should test ride before getting into a serious mountain bike relationship. Weighing in at about 26lbs, this carbon fiber Niner RIP 9 RDO  is just about as close to perfect for an exploring-the-unknown rig as …

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On Review: Niner RIP 9 RDO Specs

2014-05-30 IMG_0002-3-high

The Niner brand has developed a cult-like following amongst their customers that has made many mountain bikers wary of uttering the simple phrase “I don’t like 29ers” for the potential violent lash back and possible broken friendships. The Niner RIP 9 RDO is the third Niner I’ve ridden and the second that I’ve spent serious time …

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News: Cannondale Announces New 2015 Trigger 27.5 and Trigger 29

All article photos courtesy of Cannondale.

In addition to completely redesigning the Jekyll, Cannondale also recently announced the brand-new Trigger 27.5 and Trigger 29 at their global launch in Spain. Trigger 27.5 The Trigger 27.5, simply referred to as “Trigger” in the Cannondale marketing materials, is essentially the all-new Jekyll’s little brother. With (you guessed it) 27.5″/650b wheels and 150/85mm of …

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Review: Mongoose Salvo Expert 29er


The Mongoose brand has achieved a sort of mixed infamy in the mountain bike world. With a long and storied history of bike production, Mongoose now produces two distinct lines of mountain bikes: those that you might purchase at Walmart or Target, and those that you might find reviewed here on Singletracks. These budget-friendly steeds …

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Final Review: Niner WFO 9


Niner is breaking down barriers and defying conventions with their new WFO 9, as I’m sure you can tell just from my tech-focused On Review article. However, I’m sure what you’re really wondering is: “how does it actually ride, out on the trail?” Well keep reading, my friend. Out on the Trail The Test As …

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Review: Ibis Ripley 29er

2013-10-06 13.45.01_1024x768

Six years in the making, this full-suspension carbon wonder bike from Ibis has long been anticipated by Ibis fanatics and casual observers alike. At Outerbike 2013, I had a chance to spend some quality time with a Ripley out on the Moab Brand Trails, leading me to choose the Ibis Ripley as the best 29er of 2014. …

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On Review: Niner WFO 9

2013-10-15 16.44.04

While the 29er trend is old news by, like, a decade, and 650b (or is it 27.5?) is all the rage, there are still some lines that the industry at large thinks the 29-inch wheel will never cross. For instance, you’ll see very few all-mountain rigs with more than 6 inches of travel and 29-inch …

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On Review: Diamondback Sortie 3 29er

2013-05-31 16.54.16

Believe it or not, many of the mountain bikes we get in for review for Singletracks aren’t the exact style of mountain bike we’d personally prefer. Sure, many of them are excellent bikes for the intended application, and some of the bikes (such as the Trek Superfly 100) come close to what I’d personally look for …

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Final Review: Trek Superfly 100 AL Pro 29er


What does it take to adequately review a bike? Some people think a quick leg-over-the-top and a spin around a parking lot is enough to get a feel for a bike. Others take it out for a short spin on the singletrack, logging five miles or so, and then they think they know a bike. …

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Review: Raleigh XXIX+G Steel 29er

2013-03-16 09.45.03

The Raleigh XXIX+G is a steel hardtail 29er that sports classic styling with a real disposition toward modern technology and real performance. While it’s available as a singlespeed or with a 3×10 drivetrain, I chose to test the 3×10—Raliegh calls this version the +G. A couple months ago I wrote about the Raleigh XXIX+G’s specs …

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Final Review: Foundry Broadaxe 29er

Winter mountain biking in Georgia on the Broadaxe.

Much of what the Broadaxe is, and much of what it isn’t, hinges on Foundry’s mission statement. According to the Foundry website, Foundry believes that a bike is a tool, a means to an end – not a trophy. It’s about producing purpose built high-performance carbon bicycles that aren’t traveling billboards – they’re understated, they’re …

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On Test: Foundry Broadaxe 29er


If you’ve never heard of Foundry Cycles before, don’t be ashamed: they’re one of the newest bike companies around. But if you have heard of them, I wouldn’t be surprised! Officially launched in October 2011, Foundry is just over a year old but has already made a splash in the mountain bike industry, especially in …

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