Super Boost Plus gets a Boost from Industry 9 with more MTB Wheel Options, Plus Updated Enduro 305s

Industry 9 adds 24-spoke, Super Boost Plus hubs and rolls out the third generation of the 305 enduro wheels.

Industry 9 is rolling out another hub option in their online wheel building tool. Buyers of UL250, TR270, UL280c, TR280c, EN315c and EN355c wheelsets can now select a 24-hole hub that’s compatible with both 12×150 and 12x157mm (aka Super Boost Plus) rear axle spacing. Currently Super Boost Plus spacing is only found on a few bike mountain bike models, with many of those leaning toward the aggressive end of the riding spectrum. However, a lighter, 24-spoke wheel option could be attractive to owners of lighter-duty (and lighter weight) bikes like the Pivot 429 Trail.

In other news, Industry 9 has also re-designed their Enduro 305 wheelset, which the brand claims is their most popular offering. Like other new wheelsets we’ve seen announced this year, the third generation Enduro 305s get a thicker bead wall to reduce pinch flats and a shallower rim profile for improved handling and ride feel.

The Industry 9 Enduro 305 v3 wheels are available online at Competitive Cyclist and JensonUSA.