News: Polish MTB Champion Designs Radical Internal Drive System

If I had to pick one thing that I personally hate the most about mountain biking, it’s bike maintenance. Without fail, I am in a constant state of breaking/wearing out parts and components, fixing said parts, and then breaking others. It’s a constant war that, despite having been a serious mountain bike for quite a few years now, I’ve never been able to win.

Apparently Gregory Zielinski, a Polish ex-pro downhill racer, has had similar thoughts. To help combat the woes of trail nastiness and drivetrain damage, Zielinski has designed a completely-internal, permanently-lubricated drivetrain that he’s dubbed “Inner Drive System (IDS).”



According to Nuseti, Zielinski’s brand featuring the IDS:

Nuseti features the Inner Drive System (IDS), which is a completely encapsulated drive unit designed especially for mountain biking. It is permanently lubricated and impervious to mechanical malfunctions and weather factors. IDS allows Nuseti Bikes to go through any terrain, even muddy, sandy or rocky trails, with a complete elimination the risk of any drive’s failure. The IDS is also waterproof and environmentally friendly.


“Anyone who enjoys mountain biking will be stunned by the IDS’ potential. With this drive, you will simply discover mountain biking once again in a new, better way – free from any drive’s malfunctions and free form frequent maintenance. Whatever you were afraid to do with your bike on trails just because  you thought that something could go wrong with your bike’s drive, now you can do it—and that makes a huge difference in riding comfort,” said Zielinski.


Not only is this drivetrain insulated from the elements, but it also eliminates a variety of shifting woes, too:

Nuseti Bikes’ IDS is very low maintenance and allows to ride without any interruption at any terrain. Not only can riders switch gears during full pedaling power, but they can also switch gears without pedaling.

While the luddite in me wonders whether or not this system will be that radical of an improvement over traditional drivetrain designs, it does look fascinating, and the potential benefits sound superb!

A Nuseti prototype in action
A Nuseti prototype in action

While everything sounds great so far, the Nuseti brand is still in the startup phase. They’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign to “help finish the development stage, begin production of the bikes, and establish a global network for after-sales service and support.” Campaign supporters will get a completely-built Nuseti bike for a contribution of £3,750 (approx. $6,321), or a Nuseti frame for a contribution of £2,045 (approx. $3,447).

For more information, you can check out the kickstarter campaign here.