News: Blackburn Looking for 2014 Brand Ambassadors

Blackburn is looking for brand ambassadors, what they are dubbing “Blackburn Rangers,” for 2014. They’re looking for adventurous riders who are planning the ride of a lifetime this coming summer:

Are you a cyclist with an adventurous soul? Someone who likes to capture your stories along the road? Maybe you’re a seasoned bikepacker, well-versed in traversing back roads and trails. Maybe you’re just getting into adventure cycling – testing out overnight trips and yearning for more.  Definitely you’re somebody who passionately believes in the idea that viewing the world can be better by bike.

The bar for Ranger status is set pretty high, though–you have to be planning to ride the Pacific Coast Bicycle Route or, more interestingly, the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (GDMBR):

If you’re interested in traveling the Pacific Coast Bicycle Route or the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route and sharing your stories along the way–as well as testing out our latest and greatest gear–you just might be the perfect candidate to be a Blackburn Ranger.

The requirements are definitely high. In addition to riding the Great Divide route, you’d somehow have to blog and be involved in social media along the way. Exactly how you’re expected to be electronically connected while you’re disconnected from everything in the backcountry isn’t really explained. Also, you’d be expected to spread the word about the Blackburn brand and their products, attend “Ranger Camp” at the Whiskey Off-Road event, and provide product feedback to the Blackburn team.

Of course, there’s some kickback for all of your hard work: Blackburn will hook you up with new & prototype gear, take care of your travel to and entry into the Whiskey Off-Road, and give you “a small stipend” to help you complete the GDMBR. Exactly how small that stipend is is unclear at the present.

If you’re already planning to ride the GDMBR route this summer, this could be a great way for you to land a sponsor and help fund the experience! For full details on how to apply, head on over to the “Be a Blackburn Ranger” page.

For a brief glimpse of what Blackburn Rangers have done in the past, check out this video:

Blackburn Vignette 5 from Dominic Gill on Vimeo.