Handup Now Makes Riding Pants, Flannel Jerseys, and… Christmas Sweaters

Handup now offers pants and a flannel jersey to go with its mountain bike gloves.

Handup has been making mountain bike gloves for years, and now they have a full riding kit available.

The brand from Tennessee debuted a pair of riding pants, a riding flannel, and a “tacky Christmas sweater” (their own words).

The new FlexTop Flannel is a cotton and polyester blend that stretches around the chest and back, has a tailored fit and more length in the back, a front pocket, and can be worn on or off the bike. The flannel retails for $44, only $10-$15 more than Handup glove offerings.

The flannel comes in sizes XS-XXL.

The new Handup AT (All Time) Pant is also made for on- or off-the-bike use. Handup says the pants are roomy and flexible throughout the thigh and seat. They have a drawstring belt if riders are between sizes.

The pants also have zippered pockets to keep storage secure on rides, a reflective logo on the back, and a tapered ankle so the cuffs don’t get caught in the chain. The pants retail for $48.

Sizing for the AT Pant.

Handup has also crafted a mountain bike friendly Christmas sweater from polyester and says it’s suitable for holiday parties and trail rides. It’s available in two colors and is priced at $40.

Lastly, Handup opened a bar in its shop in Chattanooga, Tennessee called the Handup Handle and Bar.

Visit Handup at 1155 E Main St, Chattanooga, TN 37408. See the Handup website for more information.