Oil Slick, a Jungle Print Jersey, and Ron Burgundy Can Add Style to Your Ride

Tired of boring black? Mountain bike components and accessories can be functional and look sharp too.

Tired of boring black? Mountain bike components and accessories can be functional and look sharp at the same time. Adding some color to your bike and wardrobe lets your unique riding style show! Here are 15 products that can liven up any ride.

Ground Keeper Fenders

$25.00 – $28.00

Lots of color options here to add a little flair to your fork. Just don’t stare at it while you ride, look a few feet down the trail or mud in your eyes will be the least of your concerns.

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Singletracks Jersey


We want our jerseys to inspire you to ride. The green to blue transition on the men’s jersey represents personal progression in mountain biking while the women’s jungle print jersey evokes the mystery and exploration of every new adventure. Bonus can cooler with every purchase through 11/30/20.

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Lezyne Lite Drive 1000XL Neo Metallic


While you may only see it before and after the ride under garage lights, this rainbow-colored trail illuminator from Lezyne is a hot looking piece of gear. At 153g with a maximum light output of 1000 lumens, the Lite Drive 1000XL puts out all of the beam riders need to see the trail ahead. The battery holds a charge for 5.5hrs on the “enduro” setting at 250 lumens, and 3hrs of run time in the 500-lumen “blast” mode. There are a handful of other settings for commuting, with the lowest 15-lumen setting resulting in a reported 87hr run time. The clamp is designed for a handlebar, and with a little creativity, it can be attached to an action camera mount or something similar.

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Yeti SB140


If there ever was such a thing as a mountain bike quiver killer, it would be a trail bike like the Yeti SB140. With 140mm of rear travel, meaty 2.6-inch tires, and comfortable geo, there are few places on earth where riding this bike wouldn’t make sense. The SB140 is offered in a unique color simply known as ‘Ron,’ possibly in reference to the blazer color favored by a certain mustachioed 1970s newscaster.

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The PNW Loam grip, along with a matching Loam dropper post remote.

PNW Components Loam Grips


The PNW Components Loam grips feature a soft and tacky compound to keep riders in control in all conditions. Not only that, the material is designed to minimize vibration and maximize comfort for all-day rides. The single-sided lock-on is easy to install, and the inside flange doesn’t get in the way of the controls.

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Handup Gloves


Handup makes a glove for just about any mood. From tropical and wild to that #MTNLIFE, the variety is nearly endless. These full-fingered gloves with bold graphics have even bolder statements on the palm-side for when you’re feeling STOKED or SENDY.

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Fox Transfer Dropper


If beer-colored is your jam, a full Fox Factory Kashima coating might suit you well. The smooth coating helps create the Transfer post’s signature silky glide sensation. The 2021 Transfer uses a redesigned head that reduces its stack height, allowing shorter-legged riders to use longer travel droppers with their frames. This post now comes in more sizes and lengths than ever before, including a recently-released 200mm travel version. Read more.

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OneUp Flat Pedals


Flat pedals are always getting scuffed up and smashed against rocks, giving them a distinctly cool look as the anodization selectively wears off. OneUp Components offers a wide range of eight colors to scrape off with their Aluminum Pedals. The massive platforms are covered in ten adjustable pins to provide a solid connection with rubber soles, and the edges of the pedals are shaped to deflect off obstacles. These alloy platforms use a fully sealed and serviceable design with a built-in bearing extractor.

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Smith Forefront 2 Helmet


The Forefront 2 has been a staple offering from Smith, made popular by its use of MIPS + Koroyd impact protection combined with the Smith cool factor. Earlier this year, Smith released the “Get Wild Collection” with a neon pink and blue color combo reminiscent of the big hair decade and bold tiger stripes deserving of its own Netflix series. Applied to the Forefront 2 (and the lower priced Session), mountain bikers can now truly get wild while taking safety seriously.

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Rudy Project Spinshield


Not only are huge, face-covering sunglasses trendy right now, they’re also super practical. The Rudy Project Spinshields offer wrap-around coverage to maximize field of view while also blocking tear-inducing wind. The optics on this model are as clear as day and the mirrored finish reduces the need to squint into the sun. The orange to pink fade frames really stand out and other colorways are available.

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Industry Nine Enduro 305 Wheels


This year the 305s from Industry Nine got even better. The third version of this carbon wheelset for enduro features a thicker bead wall to prevent pinch flats and a shallower profile for improved handing and ride feel. Buyers can choose from HG, XD, and Microspline driver bodies to fit almost any drivetrain situation.

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Shredly Shorts

from $98.00

Shredly is a unique mountain bike clothing brand made for women by women. And not Barbie-shaped women, real women with real bodies from size 00 to 24, and women that like all the colors and more subtle prints.

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Defeat Aireator 6in Sock


These 6-inch-high socks come in bright colors and patterns so you can show your love for pizza, beer, and space-traveling dogs.

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Electra Bike Bell


Give a friendly ring to other mountain bikers and hikers on the trail. The cuddly animals and cartoon food remind us bike riding is fun and we do it for the pizza and not always the Strava KOMs.

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All Mountain Style Frame Protection


Carbon bikes are expensive; frame protection, not so much. Add some protection to your frame with these graphical animal prints or bright colors.

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Wolftooth Components Anodized Bling Kit


Make your bike’s color scheme really pop with these little bits available in all colors of the rainbow, and then some. The bling kit will deck out your headset and update those boring black bottle cage bolts. Coordinating Wolftooth seat post clamps and dropper remote levers are also available.

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