Breaking News: Going Out of Business


The rumors have been swirling for months, but it’s been confirmed: is going out of business.

PricePoint has been one of the premier sources of online mountain bike parts in the United States, and has been “building strong relationships in the industry for over 20 years,” according to their website. PricePoint has been so successful that they introduced their own in-house brand of bicycles and components, dubbed “Sette.” This closure does not bode well for current Sette owners who may want warranty assistance in the future.

At this point, exactly why PricePoint is closing is unclear. No official information has been released, and as of a press release published on March 31, the official company spin was that they were offering incredible discounts due to negotiating excellent deals with numerous companies. It’s possible that this press release was a ploy to justify massive discounts before their official going out of business announcement which, based on the Facebook page, doesn’t appear to have seen the official light of day until yesterday.

The common wisdom of our day is that successful online retailers, with PricePoint ranking amongst the most influential, are in the process of putting the local bike shop out of business. But with this closure, it’s clear that nobody can be deemed “safe” in this retail space.

Get Your Discounts NOW

Today (July 28, 2016) is, according to the PricePoint Facebook page and website, quite literally the last day of their going out of business sale, with discounts of up to 99% off! While their inventory is running really low, stand-out discounts include $475 Easton wheels marked down to just $60–insane!

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