TMYK: How to Edit Trail Info on Singletracks When it’s Wrong

There's a right way to correct wrong trail information on Singletracks.

When I was a kid, my Dad would pick me up from Sunday School and some days he’d say, “I heard you were misbehaving today.” I usually was, so I’d ask him how he knew, and his usual reply was, “A little birdy told me.”

Unfortunately Singletracks doesn’t have a little birdy who knows everything about every mountain bike trail in the world. In fact, we rely on a whole flock of birds, and you can be a helpful bird too!

Crowdsourced trail information

Registered users can submit new trail information, or correct existing info using this form.

If you’ve searched for mountain bike trail information on Singletracks before, you probably noticed that most of the information found there has been added by thousands of individual mountain bikers. If you find that one of your local trails isn’t currently listed on Singletracks, you can add the trail info using this form, or look for link under the “Add” tab at the top of the site.

But sometimes trail birdies make mistakes, or the information they add is incomplete. Not only that, the trails themselves are constantly changing so info often needs to be updated.

Trail correction suggestions

Use one of these links to suggest corrections to trail information found on Singletracks.

There are several ways to suggest changes or corrections to trail information on Singletracks. Click one of the links shown above on a trail page to access the form for submitting updated information. You’ll need to be logged in to use this link. Once you submit a correction, one of our content moderators will either approve the change, or ask for more info.

You can suggest a trail difficulty rating when you add your review.

Not all of the information on a trail page can be corrected using this form. For example, trail difficulty ratings are based on an average of user reviews of the trail. If you disagree with a difficulty rating, be sure to add your own review.

There’s also a separate form for adding a new trail map, or updating an existing one. Look for a link to the map update form, located below the map, as shown above.

Finally, if there’s something else that’s wrong about a trail page — say a photo that was upload to the wrong page, an inappropriate video, or a trail that should be removed entirely — send an email to the Singletracks help desk, and we’ll take it from there. Be sure to include a link to the page you’re talking about, and describe the problem as clearly as possible.