MTB Training Product Picks: Make 2021 Your Strongest, Healthiest, and Least Injured

Here is a handful of products to aid your mountain bike training and recovery days.

Put the work in, on or off the bike. This is the year to be your strongest, healthiest, and least injured! We’ll give it a shot in January anyway.

Here is a handful of products to aid your training and recovery days.

BodyRock Weighted Vest


Throw this baby on and all those bodyweight moves like push ups and squats are suddenly hard AF. If you’re fortunate to already have some dumbells at home, level up your workouts with this vest without having to buy heavier dumbells. Stays put during plyo exercises and adds extra intensity to any HIIT cardio workouts.

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Tune Up Fitness Therapy Balls Plus


These therapy balls have a nice give to them so you can apply light or heavier pressure to them using your own bodyweight. They’re squishier and slightly larger than a lacrosse ball so you can get into all those annoying tense muscles. (We’re looking at you, hip flexors!) Use one or both to target knots and tightness in shoulders, neck, lower back, glutes, hip flexors, quads, calves, and feet.

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photo: Elite

Elite Tuo Interactive Smart Trainer


Elite says that the Tuo is a compact trainer that allows the user to keep the wheel on. This allows for easy use and since it’s small, the Tuo fits easily on a shelf stowed away. Elite was able to limit friction noise by 50% and decrease tire wear also. The Tuo fits wheels up to 29″ and will work with Boost-spaced hubs.

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Peloton Digital Membership

2 Months Free then $12.99/mo.

A Peloton bike cost as much as some mountain bikes, but for a low monthly subscription price digital-only access is available for all the studio and outdoor classes. Leah has been using this for a couple years, almost daily, for strength training and yoga, plus with kids home, they join in the family workouts sometimes. Ride along (sans data) with the cycling classes if you have a trainer or stationary bike for a fun and challenging ride to awesome playlists. The instructors are incredible motivators and really make you feel like you’re working out together.

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SLKZ Mini Resistance Bands, Set of 3

$19.99 | $14.99 sale

Sure there are probably hundreds of exercises you can do with these, but these resistance bands are probably most useful during a warm up for muscle activation. Specifically, activating your glutes with moves like banded clamshells before a ride, run, or strength workout will get those large muscles firing so they’re ready to work on those big climbs or heavy lifts.

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Amazon Basics Cast Iron Kettlebell

from $21.99

It’s all in the hips. On every mountain bike ride, we’re constantly hinging and driving through our hips. Master that hip-hinge and strengthen your posterior chain by adding some kettle bell swings into your training regimen. Kettlebells available in weights from 10 to 50 lbs. Read more.

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Orbea Terra H40 Gravel Bike 2021


Gravel riding is an excellent form of endurance training without going full roadie. Get those base miles in and go for longer rides. This aluminum gravel bike has a carbon fork and Shimano GRX400 2×10-speed drivetrain.

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$429.95 | $359.51 sale

While this watch will track your rides and save those QOM’S like any other, it will also remind you to get up and move or drink water. There’s a full set of workouts that can be scheduled in the watch to increase strength and maintain proper rest in your training plan. Read more.

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Hutchinson Touareg Gravel Tire


Don’t let wet trails deter you from riding. Grab the drop bar bike and start off the year with some base miles. The Touaregs are available in a few different widths, and in 650B or 700C diameters. They have a fast-rolling tread and a low weight.

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Flume Botanicals Bask Recovery Powder


Flume Botanicals makes natural supplements to get the best out of the human experience. Bask is a recovery formula, said to help rehydrate, speed recovery, and reduce muscle soreness. Bask has plant-sourced flavors, is vegan-friendly, and gluten free.

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Retrospec Solana Yoga Mat


The yoga mat for non-yogis! This cushioned mat shows many poses that offer good stretches for post-ride or post-workout. While some of us who are balanced challenged (guilty) may find this mat a bit thick for holding barefoot balance poses, the extra padding seems quite comfortable for extended savasana. But after all, rest is critical for any training program. Read more.

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While we’re at it, enjoy this throwback:

Fitter. Happier. More productive. Comfortable. Not drinking too much. Regular exercise at the gym three days a week.


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