This is the time of year when mountain bikers plan to do epic shit and building endurance is often the first step to making things happen. In this episode we talk about why endurance training is important, discuss some methods we’ve used successfully, and cover some of the challenges riders will face in building endurance.

How far do you plan to push yourself in 2016?

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  • mongwolf

    Great podcast … and the previous one about goals. I really enjoyed them. I really like the different reasons/styles/genres (???) of endurance riding that were evident, such as racing or remote adventure riding. I definitely like the latter. Having started riding right around 50 years old and having competed in other sports already, my competing days are over … … will never start in biking. Just not interested. But give me a mountain or mountain range to explore, and you’ve got my attention, even if there are long hike-the-bike sections.

    Since I’ve only been riding for a few seasons, I’m still building a base which has been tough at my age. This past year I put in my first 40+ mile day in the Pikes Peak area. It was awesome, and I was thoroughly spent. I also did some back to back to back days for the first time. This year I’m hoping to do a some 50+ mile days and do some unsupported multi-day backcountry rides that will challenge my endurance level — one with 110 TOUGH miles and the other 230 miles.

    Mileage-wise I’m hoping to reach 1200 miles. Minuscule compared to you guys at ST, but that will be a challenge with work responsibilities and other factors. Due to the deep cold and ice, the very earliest we can possibly ride here in Mongolia is mid-February, but it’s quite sketchy through the end of March. It is a bummer having to shut it down every winter. But starting in 2016 my wife and I will be returning to the US each year for 2.5 months starting the end of November. So I’m thrilled that I will be able to keep riding at least a little through the mid of winter for the first time. Thanks for the great podcasts and ideas.

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