Eco-Friendly Mountain Bike Gear [Product Picks]

Here are 17 products from brands who have made significant efforts to improving the sustainability of mountain bike gear.
Eco-Friendly Mountain Bike Products from 17 brands

As mountain bikers, we enjoy being surrounded by nature, and most of us try to respect the Earth as much as we can. A number of mountain bike brands have taken extra responsibility for caring for the Earth by creating eco-friendly products and reducing their carbon footprint at their workplace or in their manufacturing processes. Here are 17 products from brands that have made significant efforts to improving the sustainability of mountain bike gear.

Velocio Delta Long Sleeve

$99.00 | $69.00

The Delta Long Sleeve is made out of the Polartec Delta fabric that keeps you cool as you ride by absorbing moisture and providing a cooling feel as it evaporates. It is nice to have a lightweight long-sleeve for extra protection from the sun and overgrown foliage. The Delta Long Sleeve is also crafted from recycled polyester, chosen in part by Velocio to reduce their carbon footprint. Both women’s and men’s styles are available.

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Smith Lowdown 2 CORE Sunglasses


The Smith Lowdown 2 is a classic sunglass style that fits most faces and looks good in nearly any setting. The CORE version (the acronym standing for Smith’s REsponsibility to the COmmunity) is made entirely of recycled post-consumer plastics, specifically, the frame is made of 5 water bottles. This version comes with polarized grey-tinted lenses and the SMITH logo is embossed into the frame rather than using adhesives. The microfiber storage bag is also made of recycled water bottles.

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Refurbished PNW Dropper Posts

Price varies

PNW (Pacific Northwest) Components have made strides to keep production waste down and dropper post bodies in circulation, rather than them ending up in a landfill. PNW Cycled allows customers to trade in their used dropper posts for credit toward a new post. The company refurbishes the posts and sells their used droppers too. All posts are certified by PNW mechanics and are covered in a one-year warranty.

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PEARL iZUMi Summit Insulated Shirt


The Pearl Izumi Summit Insulated shirt might be the perfect shirt for fall and winter riding containing recycled polyester insulation. The shirt feels cool to the touch, and is soft, easy to move in, and warm enough for temperatures down to the 40s. The Summit Insulated shirt has a hood and touches that remind you it’s made for MTB, like zippered pockets and reinforced elbows.

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Bontrager XR Trail Pro MTB Grip Set


Bontrager has partnered with a Danish plastic collection and recycling company that specializes in turning maritime plastic waste into new products for their new line of MTB grips. The recycling company, called Plastix, claims that using their Green Plastic “means reducing the Eco-Footprint of your product by up to 82% CO2 emissions in comparison to virgin plastic.” The XR Trail Pto MTB grips are available in three different models and a variety of colors.

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Squirt Tyre Sealant

Squirt Seal Tyre Sealant


Everyone needs sealant. Squirt is another great option to have. It’s ammonia free and uses what the brand calls BeadBlock technology to seal punctures up to a 6mm width. The sealant shouldn’t dry out prematurely and works in extreme temperatures.

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Icebreaker 200 Oasis Crew Top


The Icebreaker 200 Oasis Crew is made of 100% Merino, making this an ultra super soft, lightweight and breathable long sleeve paired with some amazing merino wool properties. The merino wool naturally regulates your body temperature and is also naturally odor-resistant, so you can wear it again and again for your MTB and outdoor adventures. The Oasis Crew will keep you warm while out and about in cold environments, while also wicking away sweat and moisture. The fit and style allows you to wear this for any outdoor activity and it’s slim enough to layer it up. Merino wool fiber is naturally renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.

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CamelBak Pivot Water Bottle


The Camelbak Pivot .75L Bottle is the perfect hydration companion. Slim and lightweight enough to fit in most bags and packs. The 10% renewable plant-based material named Echo is quite durable. The bottle is stiff and constructed to take on daily use from a busy lifestyle. BPA, BPS, & BPF free with a large rounded spout makes drinking enjoyable, as water freely flows down when you need it. So far their odor and stain resistance claim has held true, especially when the bottle is so easy to clean. My favorite part is the ergonomic handle that’s easy to grip. This functional and sustainable water bottle will keep you hydrated all day long at a reasonable price!

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Pembree Flat Pedals


Reduce, reuse, recycle. Pembree addresses two out of three with their first product, the RV1 flat pedal.

Designed to withstand years of abuse, the RV1 features robust seals and a corrosion-resistant coating on the pins, nuts, and bolts. Both the pins and traction rails are replaceable to maximize the life of the product and reduce the need to purchase new pedals as often.

If and when Pembree pedals do wear out, the company will take them back for recycling. In fact, Pembree accepts pedals from any brand and offers a 10% discount off the purchase of a new pair.

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Patagonia Merino 3/4 Sleeve Jersey


The Patagonia Merino ¾ sleeved jersey offers the best of both worlds, with its material designed to keep your body temperature regulated – it’ll keep in you warmth during chilly rides and also wicks away sweat during warmer temperatures. This jersey was certified to Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), which ensures protection for both the animals that supply the wool as well as the land they graze on. You can wear this as a standalone jersey or as a base layer during fall and winter rides. The casual fit makes it easy to wear this off your bike too.

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Shredly MTB Curvy Short


This woman-owned brand brings bold styles to mountain bike clothing and incorporates recycled materials into 70% of the products. The Shredly Curvy shorts, made of 100% recycled polyester, come in a variety patterns to suit any style and the yoga-pants style waist means no pinching or discomfort while riding. The Curvy shorts are available in two lengths and fit women sizes from 2 to 24.

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Urge BP Lunar Helmet


The 80% recycled EPS foam material in the Lunar comes from plastics used in the automotive industry. It’s the first of many products that Urge BP founder and enduro-MTB-genre creator Fred Glo hopes to create from recycled materials. The lightweight lid is comfortable enough for all day riding and tough enough for the bike park. Its design is clearly race driven, with ample airflow and removable cheek-pads for events that require protection on the climbs. At 876g for the size L/XL tested, the Lunar might save your scull while not making your neck too tired.

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Mountain Hardwear Lamina Eco AF Sleeping Bag


We were surprised to learn that something as simple as fabric dye can have a significant negative impact on the environment. Not only does fabric dyeing require a lot of water, the waste from dyes can be toxic and harmful to aquatic plants and animals.

Fortunately the folks at Mountain Hardwear have done their homework, and as a result, they offer the dye-free Lamina Eco AF sleeping bag for cold weather camping and bikepacking. Not only does the bag skip the dye, but it’s also constructed from recycled fabric and fill material. This bag is crazy compressible so it takes up little space while still providing a comfortable night’s sleep down to 15° F / -9° C.

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DAKINE Pick-Up Pad


Most pick-up trucks can easily carry 5 or more mountain bikes. Keep the paint jobs in tact on both truck and bikes with a pick-up pad that drapes over the tailgate. This one from Dakine is made of recycled polyester, goes on and off easily and can be locked securely.

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Outdoor Research Maple Waffle Beanie


Made of 70% recycled wool, this beanie from Outdoor Research sports a waffle knit that feels soft not scratchy. While definitely too thick to wear under a helmet, the Maple Waffle Beanie is a simple way to keep warmth in on cold days outside or to hide the inevitable bed head.

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Giro Men’s Roust Jersey


The Men’s Roust Long Sleeve Jersey by Giro is designed with lightweight polyester threads that have wicking properties. The jersey does an excellent job at moderating body heat, keeping the rider cool and dry but also warm on those chilly night rides. The bold colors and graphics are stylish, minimalistic and effective. A stylish loose fit leaves a good amount of room for trail elbow pads. An interior lens wipe makes this jersey a must for those that often wear glasses or goggles out on the trails. Let’s not forget that this jersey contains a significant percentage of recycled content to help reduce impact on the planet, falling under Giro’s Renew Series. This is a jersey that performs as much as it gives back to the planet. Men’s and women’s styles available.

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Kitsbow Icon Womens

Kitsbow Icon Shirt


The Icon is a superior flannel made to order in Kitsbow’s North Carolina factory. Manufacturing in the US means less transportation from overseas resulting in lower fuel and emissions usage to help the planet. Tailor made of top-shelf Pendelton wool with impeccable attention to detail, this shirt will last a lifetime. And if it gets damaged along the way Kitsbow will repair it, or any of their clothes for that matter, as another measure to reduce textile waste and overall raw material usage. Recently the brand has also switched to compostable packaging. Both women’s and men’s styles available.

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