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I started trail riding five years ago at the young age of 40. My goal is to keep it up through and after retirement. Fortunately I will be retiring relatively early, 55 at the latest, as soon as 50 if things work out positively. While perhaps lofty, my goal is to be 'faster' when I…
Slee_Stack   on Oct 31, 2016
commented on Over a Beer: Riding to Live
Even when feeling exhausted before hitting dirt, a few miles on the trail snaps me out of it. I really do come to life so to speak. Long ago I used to worry I might be too tired to ride. I now know I'm only too tired NOT to.
Slee_Stack   on Oct 31, 2016
commented on The 9 Best Bike Lights for Night Riding
Love my GloWorm X1 and X2. Shame they didn't make it into the comparison. They are superbright, tiny, have solid construction, and the heads themselves aren't too expensive. Admittedly, their battery packs are overpriced, but you can pick up quality panasonic cell packs for cheap to run them.
Slee_Stack   on Oct 31, 2016
added a review of Allatoona Creek Park

#1 within 60 min from Atlanta and it just continues to grow. Even with the growth, current trails aren't ignored,...
Slee_Stack   on Oct 31, 2016
answered a question about
Hocus Pocus can be exhaustive in spots, but Whipper Snapper is far more challenging.
Slee_Stack   on Mar 10, 2016
replied to Improved my biking!
Improved physical condition always helps and just with riding faster.  Tech skills also waver when your body (and mind) is struggling so being in better physical shape also helps you pick a better line, balance an obstacle better, land a drop cleaner, etc. I go to the gym to play racquetball.  When I increase my frequency of one…
Slee_Stack   on Mar 10, 2016
replied to Dealing with the wife and new bikes
'Either/or' never works out well.  Got to find the way to both and lesser.   Smaller water feature, lower gruppo line?
Slee_Stack   on Mar 10, 2016
replied to This bike bell is seriously dope
Interesting.  I'm a noisy hub vs bell guy though.
Slee_Stack   on Mar 10, 2016
replied to 1x12 Is Coming
Been using 1x10 for 1.5 years.  Came from a 2x9 prior.  Like most, I avoided shifting chainrings unless an absolute last resort.   Narrow-wide and clutch is the bomb.  I went from dropping chains every 3-4 rides to NEVER in 100 or more rides.  Also have more room for extra lights or battery on handlebar if needed with…

Upgrading my (much older) review to add a star. The new 'Mill' trails add fun, flowy mileage to the park....
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Slee_Stack   on Oct 2, 2015
added a review of Cochran Mill Park

Updating my 1yr old review. Lots of work has been put in to this system in the past 12 months....
Slee_Stack   on Oct 2, 2015
answered a question about Chicopee Woods
Heading North on I985, take Exit 17 and turn left. Drive 2.9 mi on GA13. Turn right onto Elachee Drive....
Slee_Stack   on Jan 21, 2015
added a review of Whipper Snapper

I actually 'rode' maybe 20% of it. Walked the rest. Its pretty neat. If you think you are a great...
Slee_Stack   on May 5, 2014
added a review of Cochran Mill Park

Cochran Mill park just isn't ready for trail riding. The existing hiking trails are nice and it is a very...
Slee_Stack   on Apr 29, 2014
added a review of Heritage Park

Rode this for the first time the other week. Unfortunately I was looking for more of a recovery ride that...
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Slee_Stack   on Apr 29, 2014
added a review of Flying Squirrel

You will be hard pressed to find anyone that doesn't think Ze Squirrel is the best trail at Chicopee. Get...
Slee_Stack   on Apr 29, 2014
added a review of Chicopee Woods

My prior review disappeared. Chicopee is a regular after work ride for me spring through fall. I consider it a...

My second least favorite loop at Chiopee (after a portion of White Tail). There's nothing technically wrong with Coyote but...
Slee_Stack   on Apr 18, 2014
added a review of Coldwater Mountain

CW is currently my second favorite trail system. I've been three times now and its always worth the drive. Only...
Slee_Stack   on Jun 24, 2013
added a review of Allatoona Creek

I've only ridden Rusty and Masons Loops but I am pleased thus far. Admittedly, I was a bit put off...

This 'trail' is In dire need of maintenance. Gave it a try yesterday on a whim. Too many downed trees...
Slee_Stack   on May 22, 2013
added a review of Harbins Park

Harbin's caters better to beginner and intermediate riders. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but its not a destination that...
Slee_Stack   on May 21, 2013
added a comment on DiY Bike Racks
Had two QR holders mounted to the c channel with a few spring nuts in the back of my Frontier...

I know many like White Oak, but its one of my least liked trails I've ever ridden. It probably doesn't...
Slee_Stack   on Nov 6, 2012
added a map of Sherrillbrook Park

FATS is probably the least technical trail system I've ever ridden. There are no stunning vistas or wildly beautiful sections...
Slee_Stack   on May 27, 2012
added a review of The Trails At The Beach

This is the worst trail system I've ever been to. I suppose something has to be worst right? Signage is...
Slee_Stack   on May 15, 2012
added a review of Five Points

Only got to ride about half the trails here, but had a good time. Even though it seemed neverending on...

Very little not to like. Some of the easy trails were dull and not very scenic. Otherwise, I enjoyed myself...

How did I miss writing a review for Dauset?! This place is a real gem, albeit kind of in the...
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Slee_Stack   on Apr 30, 2012
added a review of Copperhead Gap

Too many dang roots! Otherwise, decent trail. Frankly, this is my least favorite trail at Chicopee because of the dozen...
Slee_Stack   on Apr 30, 2012
created a My Trails

I'm enjoying this trail system more and more each time I go. As noted below, it isn't setup to be...

I don't understand the fascination with this trail system. I guess its a different strokes for different folks thing. The...
The consensus appears to be that SS is appealing for a SECOND bike. While not an exact duplicate experience, everyone can...
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