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Slee_Stack   on Oct 31, 2017
replied to How to have it all (or not)
AwesomeStrap, RaceStrap, Mutherload, etc..from backcountry research.
Fair point, but also another: If you don't want to hear any complaints or excuses....DON'T ASK for any! If you are giving your riding buddies shit about being slower, or having to wait up on them, then you just gave permission to open the floodgate. Honestly though, its incredibly rare I hear excuses about anything…
I ride a 'semi plus'? 29er. A Yeti Sb95 with chinese carbons and 2.6" NN tires. On average, I'm the fastest I've ever been with these tires. I haven't noticed any of the negatives noted in this article. What I have noticed is much improved traction on everything which generally keeps me from spinning the…
Darn, I'm a luddite. Cyclocomputer...when its working.
Save it for after the, weed, or whatever drug of choice.
Thirty euro!!! Holy crap!! Buy the schwalbe evos at $9 in bulk or $15 each on ebay...
Been 1X for years now and won't go back to multiple rings on my trail bike. I ride 1x10, but, honestly, 1x9 is plenty for me. I don't tend to ride tarmac to the trails and its fairly rare I evnd up on pavement for a significant distance. I just don't need the tall gearing.…
I've used (3) on the list. i only ride flats now though. Of them.. The PX80 is cheap and good if you don't want/need max grip. it also won't chew your shins quite as bad when it slips. On the other hand, durability is pretty weak. I've not had a set of flats fall apart…
I've had good experience with MTB'g dog owners. Not so much with trail hikers. I can't count the number of times they've had an unleashed dog under no control what-so-ever, around the corner of a trail, out of direct sight. Its pathetic. Unfortunately, the good hiking dog owners are outnumbered by the bad ones around…
I document maybe 2% of my rides. Even then, that means snapping up to half a dozen photos or so. Other than that, i do look at my average moving speed and total distance on my bike 'computer' but don't actually record anything anywhere. I guess I'm not goal oriented. I log into Facebook about…
Slee_Stack   on May 10, 2017
replied to Shortcuts :(
I see occasional shortcuts on the trails I ride and I like the suggestion to find out the WHY people are taking one. There is one shortcut that I actually understand people taking....
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I've never observed this behavior.  Guess I don't pay enough attention in parking lots.   Seems silly.  Why not just leave them under the mat with the car doors unlocked.  About the same level...
  So we know for sure he was coerced into riding? We know for sure it wasn't a free and voluntary choice?
How was the ride?  Chicopee and Yargo are my regular, afterwork rides.   My favorite greater ATL system is Allatoona Creek though its up 75 instead of 85/985.
Slee_Stack   on Apr 8, 2017
replied to Yeti SB95 compatible with 27.5+?
@Uber -  CF Rear.   Thus far, the extra plush of the 2.6 is nice.  I *think* I'm able to keep marginally better speed in corners before sliding/washing the front.  I haven't yet been...
Slee_Stack   on Apr 2, 2017
replied to Yeti SB95 compatible with 27.5+?
Figured I'd drop back in as a put new rubber on by SB95.   I installed Nobby Nic 29er 2.6" tires front and rear. Front measures exactly 2.6 mounted on my 45mm rim and has...
4 out of our 6 bikes are online purchases.  I'm my own bike shop.  And I like getting a build close to the way I want without paying 2 - 3X the price...
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I've only come across two ever and they were low effort ones.  Probably kids thinking how funny it would be, but not really thinking about consequences. One was some sharp rocks and sticks...
Slee_Stack   on Mar 20, 2017
replied to 1 by or 2 by?
Its all about the range you need taking into account your fitness level, your hills (up and down), and your surface (trail or road/trail). 1X tubeless here.  29er 30T front, 10sp 11-36 rear....
Slee_Stack   on Mar 20, 2017
replied to Best vehicle for mountain biking?
I suppose its rare, but I've seen at least 1-2 MCs carrying a bike on the back every year.  the most common mechanism seems to be to attach a couple poles to...
Slee_Stack   on Mar 20, 2017
commented on a photo of Chicopee Woods
If you stop there, you'll never clear the climb out! Strangely though, folks only clear that climb when no one else is watching :P
This has to be about the worst way to die MTB'g. Poor guy.
Slee_Stack   on Mar 9, 2017
replied to Best vehicle for mountain biking?
Owning a pickup is about the worst choice for 99% of the general population regardless of what your hobbies are.  I'm not sure I'd buy into MTB folks representing most of the...
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Slee_Stack   on Mar 9, 2017
replied to Yeti SB95 compatible with 27.5+?
I run Chinese carbon 29er rims on my SB95....40-45mm rim width, forget the exact.  I have a 1X drive as well and a Large frameset. I've had tires from 2.2 to 2.4 on...
I started trail riding five years ago at the young age of 40. My goal is to keep it up through and after retirement. Fortunately I will be retiring relatively early, 55 at the latest, as soon as 50 if things work out positively. While perhaps lofty, my goal is to be 'faster' when I…
Slee_Stack   on Oct 31, 2016
commented on Over a Beer: Riding to Live
Even when feeling exhausted before hitting dirt, a few miles on the trail snaps me out of it. I really do come to life so to speak. Long ago I used to worry I might be too tired to ride. I now know I'm only too tired NOT to.
Slee_Stack   on Oct 31, 2016
commented on The 9 Best Bike Lights for Night Riding
Love my GloWorm X1 and X2. Shame they didn't make it into the comparison. They are superbright, tiny, have solid construction, and the heads themselves aren't too expensive. Admittedly, their battery packs are overpriced, but you can pick up quality panasonic cell packs for cheap to run them.
Slee_Stack   on Oct 31, 2016
added a review of Allatoona Creek Park

Update 3/9/17: I'm afraid to keep gushing over this place as I don't want to jinx anything. I've enjoyed the...
Slee_Stack   on Oct 31, 2016
answered a question about
Hocus Pocus can be exhaustive in spots, but Whipper Snapper is far more challenging.
Slee_Stack   on Mar 10, 2016
replied to Improved my biking!
Improved physical condition always helps and just with riding faster.  Tech skills also waver when your body (and mind) is struggling so being in better physical shape also helps you pick a better line, balance an obstacle better, land a drop cleaner, etc. I go to the gym to play racquetball.  When I increase my frequency of one…
Slee_Stack   on Mar 10, 2016
replied to Dealing with the wife and new bikes
'Either/or' never works out well.  Got to find the way to both and lesser.   Smaller water feature, lower gruppo line?
Slee_Stack   on Mar 10, 2016
replied to This bike bell is seriously dope
Interesting.  I'm a noisy hub vs bell guy though.
Slee_Stack   on Mar 10, 2016
replied to 1x12 Is Coming
Been using 1x10 for 1.5 years.  Came from a 2x9 prior.  Like most, I avoided shifting chainrings unless an absolute last resort.   Narrow-wide and clutch is the bomb.  I went from dropping chains every 3-4 rides to NEVER in 100 or more rides.  Also have more room for extra lights or battery on handlebar if needed with…

Upgrading my (much older) review to add a star. The new 'Mill' trails add fun, flowy mileage to the park....
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Slee_Stack   on Oct 2, 2015
added a review of Cochran Mill Park

Updating my 1yr old review. Lots of work has been put in to this system in the past 12 months....
Slee_Stack   on Oct 2, 2015
answered a question about Chicopee Woods
Heading North on I985, take Exit 17 and turn left. Drive 2.9 mi on GA13. Turn right onto Elachee Drive....
Slee_Stack   on Jan 21, 2015
added a review of Whipper Snapper

I actually 'rode' maybe 20% of it. Walked the rest. Its pretty neat. If you think you are a great...
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