Do you own an electric mountain bike?

We've been writing about e-bikes for over a decade, and we're curious to know how many Singletracks readers own one.
File photo: Jeff Barber

We’ve been writing about e-bikes on Singletracks for over a decade now. I personally rode my first e-bike way back in 2013, and since then the technology has transformed completely. The clunky, brutally heavy e-bikes of yesteryear have almost nothing in common with the sleek, modern machines rolling down singletrack trails in 2024.

Trail access issues and e-bike rules have been in a state of dramatic flux, and despite penning dozens of articles on the topic, the last word has yet to be written on the e-bike access debate. That said, it’s beginning to feel like a foregone conclusion that e-bikes will continue to gain access to more and more non-motorized trails, but the process is guaranteed to be long and drawn out.

Despite reporting on this topic for over a decade, we’ve never asked you, our readers, straight out: “Do you own an eMTB?”

If you own an eMTB, tell us which one in the comments section below 👇