In this episode of the Singletracks podcast, Aaron, Greg, and Jeff talk about their favorite winter mountain biking destinations, including some unconventional destinations you might not have considered before.

Also, be sure to check out the following articles mentioned in this episode for additional information.

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    Good stuff there, but a word of warning about Arkansas in Mid March (especially for you Greg as you said you are heading there this year (2017). I’ve made attempts at riding there the last 3 years.

    2014 we had great weather the first half, and rode the LOViT system, the second half a bad storm came through keeping us from riding Syllamo and Bentonville.
    2015, as we were getting to Arkansas it started snowing, killing our plans to ride the Bentonville area and surrounding, but Syllamo was rideable, although chilly and snow covered the first 2 days.
    2016, big storm came through as we were driving down and we detoured to Pueblo, CO then made our way north and back to MN from there.

    I’m going to give it another go this year, but later March or early April.

  • Jagungal

    In Australia, if you’re dedicated, wear the right clothing, and check the temperature forecast on your ride days carefully…it’s entirely possible to ride through summer! Everyone talks about escaping the heat by heading up to the “high country” in the southeast above 1500m in altitude, or flying down south to Tasmania or NZ.

    I really don’t understand while all of you in North America and Europe, don’t just go downhill or xc skiing instead of mucking around with fat bikes? Variety is definitely a spice of life for me, if I had snow on the ground outside my house I would love to be able to put the bike away for a few months, rest my pedaling muscles, and go nordic skiing out my front door.

  • bikerboy13

    Uhh, BTW Jeff it’s were having a bunch of rain right now… sorry no sunshine here for you! 🙂

  • mongwolf

    I’m sitting in The Valley of the Sun (Phoenix metroplex) right now on a work trip. I’m on the north side of The Valley. I rode the White Tanks today and hope to do Fort McDowell tomorrow and Usery Monday. It’s been rather cloudy but of course temps are pleasant. I can’t get down to South Mountain or Estella in the south part of The Valley on this trip … … bummer. But what the hey, it leaves something new for the next trip.

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