Trans Cascadia: A Model for Supporting Trails While Having a Good Time in the Forest [Podcast #228]

photo: Dylan VanWeelden

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Alex Gardner, Nick Gibson, and Tommy Magrath started the Trans Cascadia 4-day enduro race five years ago as a way to allow riders to experience forgotten trails and incredible riding in the Pacific Northwest. Over the years they’ve forged relationships with the Forest Service and other trail user groups like the Backcountry Horsemen and have used the race as a way to give back to the trails.

Despite the steep entry fee, Trans Cascadia routinely sells out from year to year as riders have come to appreciate the incredible trails, delicious meals, and a party-like atmosphere in between racing. Alex, Nick, and Tommy share their tips for bike selection and preparation for a multi-day enduro race and talk about how their model for giving back and putting on a great event could work for other locations.

Editor’s note: The audio quality isn’t great for portions of this episode, but it’s definitely worth the listen! The guys were gracious enough to make time to record while in Wenatchee, Washington following a meeting with the Forest Service.

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