The Venerated Italian Superenduro Series is Paused for Another Season

The managing staff at the Italian Superenduro series has decided to skip another season of racing in 2021.
We’ll have to wait another year for this sweet party.

That damn virus ruined all the fun.

The managing staff at the Italian Superenduro series has decided to skip another season of racing in 2021, as the Covid-19 fire rages hungrily throughout Europe. The Superenduro is one of the oldest enduro series in the sport, and handily one of the most hotly contested mountain bike race series on the continent. With four to five events per season, the series typically pulls in athletes from around Europe, and its promoters decided that the necessary safety protocols this year simply weren’t feasible.

European riders aren’t totally left outside the tape, as there are heaps of EWS events nearby throughout the 2021 season. Amateurs can sign up for the EWS 80 or 100 events without worrying about their points standings, and apart from the race in Whistler, the event locations are all reachable by car. There’s also a handful of qualifier events worth considering.

The inaugural “safety first” shred takes place in the beautiful Val di Fassa, Italy, where riders will be treated to some of the best natural tracks the Dolomites have to offer. After that doubleheader, another two rounds take place on the far-steeper slopes of La Thuile before the circus heads to Canada for a single event. Following a month-long pause, another pair of timed descending-days in Loudenville, France, are sure to rack up some points before the season culminates with the final rounds in Pietra Ligure, Italy, and the Tweed Valley event in Scotland. Folks who can put a team together will also be eligible to give the Trophy of Nations a go in Finale Ligure, Italy, just before the Scottish event. Let’s hope those are able to happen.

This is certainly not the news a lot of racers want to see, but for those who have the means to travel there is still a good amount of competition left on the calendar for 2021.

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