It seems the topic of trail booby trapping, AKA trail terrorism, has been in the news a lot lately. We sat down to discuss just what the heck is going on out there.

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  • mongwolf

    Interesting podcast indeed. I thought you all took a quite reasonable and balance approach. The motives behind the actions of some individuals are difficult to determine and oftentimes quite varied. Having worked in land management for several years, I know firsthand that some individuals and groups of course want to stop certain activities on public lands and thus take extreme measures. Still other individuals are more deviant and malicious and simply want to bring harm to those with whom they disagree. Plain and simple. As a forest ecologist, I of course deeply love nature, but there are some out there who love nature also but have adopted extreme views and world views. The error of their thinking is demonstrated in their misconduct.

  • Sammy67

    I don’t think it’s fair to blame the hikers before they’ve caught the people setting the traps.

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