Mountain Bikers Find Sinister Strip of Nails Planted on Australian Trail

Mountain bikers in New South Wales, Australia find a maiming device on an unsanctioned trail.
Photo: Scott Uzelac

Mountain bikers around New South Wales’ Central Coast found a gnarly piece of equipment on the trails over the weekend, designed to maim tires and possibly more.

According to Yahoo! News, mountain biker Scott Uzelac found the trap, a shallow pungi-pit type of weapon perfect for destroying tires and wheels, after his friend ran over it on a trail in the Bouddi National Park.

He rode back up the trail, running over the device himself. Uzelac thought it may be a sharp root or rock, but found a board lined with nails and anchored to the ground with long bolts. The weapon was covered leaves and dirt.

Uzelac said that he goes to the area frequently with his kids. “I was shocked and a bit dumbfounded. I just couldn’t believe somebody’s done that, to be honest,” he told Yahoo! He also explained that the trail is unsanctioned and built by mountain bikers because of a lack of trails, however more and more people including hikers are using the trail lately, and that they may be upset with mountain bikers.

Reportedly, Uzelac took the device to the local police department, and they said they are investigating.


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