In this episode of the Singletracks podcast, Gerow, Jeff, and Matt discuss trail advocacy news from the North America and Europe, and share the results from recent trail etiquette surveys.

  • Riding wet trails
  • Pirate trails going legit
  • Who yields: climbers or descenders?
  • Is skidding still cool?
  • Trail terrorism
  • Mountain bike impact review
  • New bikes in Wilderness legislation
  • Natural Resources Management Act
# Comments

  • Bikermike

    95% Good content I have heard it twice but wish Matt could have controlled his F bomb I don’t care why he said it and for the life of me I don’t know why you guys even bring up skidding it sounds so politically correct which I will never be. That to me is a none issue to fill time. Out of all the things a trail is subjected to you guys worry yourselves silly about skidding I hardly notice myself doing it. Love the podcast and have a great day.

    • Matt Miller

      Hi Bikermike, thanks for the comment. To be clear, I actually didn’t use the F-word, but I understand why it sounded like that. I was referencing the YouTube group IFHT – I Focking Hate That. They have since changed their channel name to Mahalo my Dude. Here is the video I mentioned https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lagrEJzBDTA

      Skidding, drifting, roosting is still a relevant topic in our opinion. Check out the majority of mountain bike media, edits, and video and you can see how glamorized it is. Ask a trail builder his/her opinion, and they’ll probably have something different to say.

      Sorry for the confusion and have a great week.

    • Jared McNeill

      Fuck… it is just a word. It is not an F bomb. It can’t hurt you. Quit being so easily offended. This is multiple times now.

  • Bikermike

    I vehemently disagree but like me your entitled to your opinion. Let the words of your mouth and the thoughts in your heart be acceptable before God. That’s written somewhere.Have a great day my friend.

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