Thieves Stole a Trail Machine from SORBA Mid-TN. Support Their Raffle to Win a Moots Frame


SORBA mid-TN is working to build and maintain mountain bike trails in the Nashville area, and they recently suffered a setback when their new DitchWitch trail building machine and custom trailer was stolen. The rig was stored behind a locked gate and the brazen thieves had to drive deep into the park to get the machine.

Fortunately, the Moots bicycle company has stepped in to offer a titanium frame ($3,900 value) to be raffled off late next month, with the proceeds going toward buying a new DitchWitch. Tickets are on sale now for $25 each, and the drawing will take place on November 28. The winner will be able to choose either a Routt, Routt 45, Psychlo-X, MootoX YBB, Farwell, or Mountaineer YBB frame in his or her size.

Oh, and if you happen to find someone trying to sell a hot DitchWitch anywhere in the Southeast, be sure to call the authorities!