Ever wonder how mountain bike trail difficulties are rated? We discuss both subjective and objective measures of trail difficulty, and explain the difference between technically and physically difficult trails.

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  • Joel DH

    This was very interesting podcast. I agree with the fact that there needs to be a standardization of trail ratings. However, I think that the reason the ratings are sometimes higher for length or cliffs etc, is because the builders are still going off of hiking criteria. Rating a trail a black diamond because of cliffs and distance and other such things, even though the trail is smooth wide singletrack is the way you rate a hiking trail. Not necessarily a biking trail. Just a thought. Anybody think I might be onto something?

  • hproctor

    Trail ratings in conjunction with rider reviews can be quite helpful in my trail research. I don’t always agree with such ratings after riding, but they are helpful none the less.

  • Bubblehead10MM

    good discussion. so many factors going on, which is one reason the reviews are so useful. I’d like to propose using movie ratings, pg13 etc, to talk about danger levels like exposure, and narrow bridge and so forth, which I’ve just stolen from rock climbing folks.

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