Leah and Jeff talk with Singletracks’ new staff writer, Matt Miller. Matt is a journalism graduate and enduro mountain biker based in Golden, CO.

We also talk about our summer travel plans and preview upcoming coverage.

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  • rajflyboy

    Welcome Aboard

    This is one of the best websites on the internet. It’s updated every day with good stuff covering all subjects pertaining to mountain biking and the industry.

    Jeff and the staff have done marvelous work here. Follow their lead and write the best articles and keep this place on top.

    • Matt Miller

      Thanks! Excited to be here!

  • mongwolf

    Welcome Matt. I guess that is a bit of belated welcome since you have already been around awhile and posting articles. Hope you love the job and can fully embrace the opportunity. Seems like it’s a pretty sweet “gig”.

    • Matt Miller

      Thanks! It’s definitely sweet!

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