Industry Nine Sparks Interest with the Matchstick, A Front Axle with Bike Tools Hidden Inside


Industry Nine has had a rim named “Enduro” in their line long before it became a buzzword. For 2017, Industry Nine has widened the Enduro rim’s internal width to 31mm. The new rim, dubbed Enduro 310, will be available in both carbon and aluminum. While these new rims are wide, they are not intended for plus (2.8″-3.2″) tires. Instead, they are designed for aggressive trail tires in the 2.4″-2.6″ range. I9 does offer the Backcountry series of wheels for plus bikes.

Industry Nine's 36mm wide Backcountry wheelset
Industry Nine’s 36mm wide Backcountry wheelset

Pricing for the Enduro 310 wheelset with the Pillar carbon rims starts at $2,575. The carbon rim is available in either 24- or 32-hole drillings. Complete weights for the wheelsets are:

  • 24-Hole
    • 27.5″ – 1565g
    • 29″ – 1655g
  • 32-Hole
    • 27.5″ – 1630g
    • 29″ – 1720g


For those with shallower pockets, the same rim profile is available on Industry Nine’s Enduro S wheelset. I9 launched the “S” series of wheels last year with the Trail wheelset. These wheels use straight-pull steel spokes–that’s where the S comes from–instead of the aluminum spokes I9 is known for. Steel spokes are substantially cheaper than the aluminum ones, which helps keep the price to a more reasonable $845. Weights for the Enduro S wheelsets come in at 1750g for the 27.5″ and 1800g for the 29″.


At Interbike last year, Industry Nine showed the Matchstick, a front axle with integrated tools, but they weren’t completely happy with the design. Rather than launching a product they weren’t stoked on, I9 made some refinements. The revised Matchstick is available for sale now for $160 with the axle, chainbreaker, and bits included.