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The Swagman Patrol bike rack is an excellent option for any truck driving cyclist. This versatile rack adjusts to fit almost any truck bed, from small pickups like the Ford Ranger to full size pickups like the Ford F-350.

The Patrol is quick and easy to install (under 2 minutes!) and it requires little to no setup out of the box. The rack comes setup with two standard 9mm QR mounts and includes cores to adapt to multiple different thru axles (15mm, 20mm, and fat bike sizes 15×150, 142, 138, and 110mm).


The Patrol only comes with one adaptor core: 15mm x100mm tapered. The others (below) are all sold separately.

  • Replacement 110mm x 20mm
  • Fat Bike 150mm x 15mm Impakt
  • 100mm x12mm Impakt
  • Boost 110mm x 15mm Impakt

Installation requires no tools aside from an allen key to swap mount sizes and the “Swagman Wrench” tool used to adjust the location of the “Impakt Fork Mounts.” The Patrol comes with two mounts, each of which can handle up to a 35lb bike. Additional mounts are available for $45.

Truck bed mounted racks have many benefits over standard hitch style racks. The Patrol retails for $240, where some hitch mounted racks reach prices of over $1,000. Having bikes mounted in the bed keeps them safe from any rear end collisions and keeps them away from dirt, salt, and other grime that is kicked up from the road.

I have had a lot of success with this rack. I have driven on all sorts of different terrain (highway, dirt roads, and snowy adventures) and the rack has stayed put perfectly. Although I love my hitch mounted rack I think I may convert to using the Patrol full time because it is easy to use, keeps the bikes more protected, and lastly, nothing touches the frame of the bike. I do wish the Patrol had a locking mechanism for thru axles, but that is not offered at this time (though Swagman reports that they are working on it). For now I will have to settle for using a couple cable locks to lock bikes to the truck.

⭐️ Find the Swagman Patrol Rack at Backcountry, Competitive Cyclist, and other online retailers.

Last updated by Greg Heil at 4:20pm on February 17, 2017.

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