Review Update: Jetlites F3 GoPro Mount

A few months back I reviewed the Jetlites F3 light, which I was really satisfied with. You can read my initial review here, but I was so impressed with this light system that I put my two workhorse lights up for sale and purchased a second F3 and third battery. Since my initial review, Jetlites developed a GoPro-style mount that replaces their proprietary factory mount, so that you can swap your light systems with existing setups you already own to capture footage. I decided to give these a try.

Mounted on my helmet and my handlebars with an inexpensive aftermarket product, my two F3s provide me with an impressive 2000 lumens to scare away the boogie man as I rally in the dark. These cannons are lightweight, exceptionally bright for their size, convenient to setup, and last for hours.

The F3 light system, each with a GoPro-style mount.
The F3 light system, each with a GoPro-style mount.

Setup is super easy: use the supplied Torx key to remove the two bolts securing the factory mount on the light, and simply swap the sturdy aluminum one in its place. Once secured, you can insert a standard GoPro hand-threaded bolt, or any hardware bolt with the same thread equivalent, through the eyelets on the mount while it is flush with the mount on your handlebars or helmet.

Using an aftermarket mount (which Jetlites also now offers), which needs a 4mm allen key to tighten, the light will not budge even on tremulous descents. I found the trick was to get the light just tight enough not to move while riding, but loose enough to adjust if I needed to change the angle of the beam. The downside is that you have to use a tool to do this, so I elected to try the bolt that comes with any GoPro mount. Using this, it was easier to adjust the angle of the light, even with gloves on. The light stayed put with the latter bolt, even when things got rowdy.

The mount makes it easy to attach and secure this light in seconds.
The mount makes things uncomplicated to attach and secure this light in seconds and is easy to adjust on the trail.

Bottom line: this system works, and you have options galore to stick these lights on your steed or person to illuminate the trail and extend your riding season, or explore your favorite trails after the sun goes down. I recommend that you check out the Jetlites lineup and new optional GoPro replacement mount.

Thanks again to Jetlites for sending over the F3 and the new GoPro mount over for review!