The 10 Most Popular MTB Forks for 2016 (Plus 3 that Aren’t Fox or RockShox)

best mtb forks

Mountain bike suspension keeps getting better and better while options for wheel sizes continue to expand. We asked Singletracks members about their favorite mountain bike fork, and based on the 2,200+ responses we received, we put together a list of the most popular forks for 2016.

To build this list, we did our best to group common responses while providing as much specificity as possible, if that makes sense. Since the top 10 was totally dominated by just two companies–Fox and RockShox–we’re also mentioning the top 3 forks from our survey that aren’t from either of those brands, for those looking for an alternative.

#1: RockShox PIKE (Enduro/AM)

photo: RockShox
photo: RockShox

The PIKE has dominated top 10 lists for at least a couple years now, so this result should come as little surprise. RockShox bills the PIKE as “the benchmark for modern enduro foks,” and also points out that it’s different from other forks on the market thanks to its light weight, stiffness, and unique damper placement. RockShox offers many flavors of the Pike with support for 26, 27.5, and 29-inch wheels, and travel ranging from 120mm all the way up to 160mm. Weights for the PIKE go from about 1835g to 1876g for the 29er fork. There’s even a new 29+ version of the PIKE available.

Among Singletracks readers, the RCT 3 version is more popular than the RC, offering more adjustment settings for the ultimate suspension setup. Note the RC is OEM only, while only certain versions of the PIKE RCT3 are available as an aftermarket upgrade. Pricing ranges between $1,005 and $1,110 USD.