The 10 Best Fat Bikes of 2016 – Readers’ Choice Awards

2. Trek Farley

Photo: Greg Heil
Photo: Greg Heil

Trek pioneered a new tire size with the introduction of their race-oriented Farley fat bike: 27.5″x4″. Since then, the 27.5″x4″ tire size has been adopted by other brands, primarily for use on other race-oriented fatties. However, some models of the Farley are also compatible with wider 5-inch tires on 26″ rims, and all of the latest Farley models come with 27.5″x4.5″ tires.

Photo: Aaron Chamberlain
Photo: Aaron Chamberlain

In addition to the standard Farley, Trek has recently released the Farley EX full suspension fat bike, sporting 120mm of travel front and back. Due to the way results were tallied in our survey and the closeness of these model names, it wasn’t clear exactly which model of the Trek Farley readers were choosing to vote for, so all models of the Farley were tallied together, and both bikes are discussed here.

The Farley EX is the second widely-distributed full suspension fat bike after the Salsa Bucksaw, and has become an instant hit.

Key Specs, Standard Farley:

  • Travel: 0mm front / 0mm rear
  • Tire Size: 27.5″x4.5″, max of 26″x5.0″
  • Headtube Angle: 69 degrees
  • Chainstay Length: 440mm
  • Frame Material: Aluminum and Carbon
  • Pricing: $1,729-$7,499

Key Specs, Farley EX:

  • Travel: 120mm front / 120mm rear
  • Tire Size: 27.5″x4.0″
  • Headtube Angle: 68.8 degrees
  • Chainstay Length: 443mm
  • Frame Material: Aluminum and Carbon
  • Pricing: $3,499-$5,499