Specialized Power Expert with Mirror Saddle Review

The Specialized Power Expert with Mirror bike saddle has 3D-printed "Mirror" material meant to reflect the shape of your sit bones.

I can’t remember the last time I got a new saddle, put 80 miles and 16 hours of riding on it in two days, and had no complaints. Well, that is before I tried the Specialized Power Expert with Mirror saddle.

Specialized released the saddle this summer and was kind enough to send over a sample.

Specialized Power Expert with Mirror saddle specs

  • Weight: 218g
  • Size: 130, 143, 155, and 168mm widths available
  • Price: $200
  • Buy from Specialized.

The Power Expert isn’t just another saddle, at least according to the marketing from Specialized. Their web page touts a lot of technology in this little bike seat. Let’s dive into what some of it means.

About the Specialized Power Expert with Mirror Saddle

Specialized says the Power Expert with Mirror saddle gives riders a “significant reduction in pain-causing pressure when compared to its foam counterpart.” In the saddle, Specialized placed two teardrop-shaped “Mirror technology” inserts which target sit bone pressure.

These inserts are a 3D-printed liquid polymer and are made to be a reflection of your sit bones, hence the Mirror wording.

Specialized leaned into its data bank of “Body Geometry” and Retül bike fit data. The 3D-printed matrix is said to create a “hammock effect that lets the saddle support your weight, not the tissue around your sit bones.”

The saddle is cut out in the middle, like a lot of saddles to relieve pressure in sensitive areas and mitigate numbing. Specialized also says they used pressure mapping, blind comfort and blood flow studies to develop the saddle.

The Power Expert comes in four sizes: 130, 143, 155, and 168mm. It has hollow titanium rails and costs $200. The saddle weighed 218g on my scale.

The Power Expert with Mirror on my bikepacking back.

On the trail

The Specialized Power Expert with Mirror doesn’t look as abstract as its Power Pro sister which looks straight out of the 3D printer without any sort of wrap like the Expert model.

You can see the little divots of the 3D-printed material through the cover. The arrangement, at least at a glance, reminds me of my Purple mattress top layer.

As I mentioned above, I installed the saddle just ahead of a bikepacking trip I had planned with a friend around Pikes Peak, an endeavor with a little risk. Usually on big trips that require a lot of saddle time, you want to have an idea of how your gear performs ahead of time, but it looked like a saddle I could trust.

By pushing the wings of the saddle down with your palms, you get a glimpse of how it’ll work and conform to the sit bones. Mounting the bike, the saddle flexes and adapts to your body/booty. The first day of our trip was shorter, but day two included a 30-mile section of washboard gravel and the Power Expert’s flex helped absorb the chatter.

At $200, it’s not cheap, but there are less expensive options, like the Power Comp without the Mirror tech and some added weight.

Other than that, I don’t have much to say about the saddle. Just that it’s quickly become a favorite on the gravel bike, and Specialized says it’s made for any bike. Of course there’s a lot of personal preference when it comes to saddle choices, but if you’re on the fence or looking at potentially buying the Power Expert, I recommend it based on my experience.

Pros and cons of the Specialized Power Expert with Mirror bike saddle


  • Easy saddle to adapt to
  • Good saddle for long days in the saddle
  • Relatively lightweight


  • None noted

Bottom line

The Specialized Power Expert with Mirror bike saddle reflects your sit bone shape for maximum comfort on long rides.