SQlab 6OX Infinergy Saddle Flexes With the Rider [Review]

SQlab's latest saddle uses an elastomer for lateral flexing and increased rider comfort.
SQlab 6OX Infinergy Saddle

In the never-ending search for the perfect saddle there are an inestimable amount of options. Some of them add comfort in different ways. The new SQlab 6OX Infinergy Ergowave saddle uses an elastomer to add lateral flex and the brand says it’s the “optimal saddle for long and steep climbs on the EMTB,” or most other mountain bikes for that matter.

SQlab uses this illustration to highlight the right type of position for the saddle, and it would seem trail and enduro riders are the target audience.

The 6OX Infinergy comes in four sizes: 13, 14, 15, and 16CM. It comes with three different elastomers, a soft, medium, and hard. With an elastomer, it weighs about 280g. The max weight for the saddle is 110kg/242lbs and it is a unisex design. It costs: $220.

Not only does the 6OX Infinergy saddle have lateral flex built into the rear, there is a step-down profile from the rear to the nose for proper weight distribution, says SQlab.

The material aesthetic is more raw compared to the cover that most saddles see. The flanks, where the rider’s sit bones meet have a firm, non-slip material while the cut center channel is a raw, compressed foam.

On the trail with the SQlab 6OX Infinergy saddle

SQlab 6OX Infinergy saddle front view

While saddles are a very unique choice to the individual, I’ve found that there are still a lot I get along with. I’ve been very happy with the Bike Yoke Sagma I tested last year and was reluctant to take it off. Fortunately, I haven’t been disappointed with the 6OX Infinergy saddle.

There aren’t any color options here, but Johnny Cash would like the look. Black is always a safe choice anyway.

The saddle has a distinct aesthetic with its step profile, and I guess I’d call the appearance chunkier than others with the rear sitting high above the nose, but it’s not messy.

The saddle came installed with the medium firm elastomer and I have bounced between the medium and the hard rubber, ultimately preferring the medium.

SQlab 6OX Infinergy saddle bottom
Different density elastomers sit between the rails and the rider.

The action feels similar to the shock-absorber damped Sagma; it’s a subtle effect and it certainly makes sense that you’d want a saddle to follow your hip movement. I can’t say that small bump compliance benefits were noticeable, however that’s not why SQlab designed the saddle.

I tend to like a saddle based on whether I get many saddle sores from it and it’s the right size. If it’s the right size, and I’m still getting sores, than I assume there are parts that rub me the wrong way, literally.

I chose the 14CM width and it looks wide for my narrow butt, however the width has been spot on. It is longer than any saddle I’ve used in a while though and a full two inches longer than the Bike Yoke Sagma. I don’t think there have been any drawbacks to the added length, but I can’t seem to find benefits either since it extends at least an inch, even when I’m leaned forward.

Swapping the elastomers is fairly simple. They pull out of the rear easily, but I have needed a blunt instrument to fully push it into place. For that reason the job is mostly tool-free.

As advertised, the non-slip taped surface does a good job of keeping the rider in place. Even though the aesthetic is natural, I haven’t had any tears or even visible scuffs in the material. There is a slight cutaway in the rear to minimize tire buzzes too.

On the underside of the rear portion, there is a groove for lifting the bike from the saddle. I hadn’t thought about this much until I was at a press camp for an e-bike recently and someone noted the design on another saddle. I’m not sure that was intentional or not, but it is nice to have a clean surface for lifting the bike from the back of the saddle, e-bike or not.

Bottom line: the SQlab Infinergy 6OX saddle is a great choice for those looking for a platform that allows their body to move more naturally.

  • Price: $219.99
  • Buy from sqlab-usa.com.

Party laps

  • Compliant with body motion
  • Non-slip surface keeps the rider in place
  • Step-down profile adds comfort

Pros and cons of the SQlab 60X Infinergy saddle

Dirt naps

  • Expensive
  • Long