Rudy Project Unveils Company’s First MTB-Specific Helmet, New Lens Change System

Rudy Project is known for their eyewear, but the company also offers a number of eyewear-compatible bike helmets. Today the company announced its first mountain bike specific helmet, the Protera.

The Protera helmet is billed as a trail / all-mountain helmet and is designed to be goggle-compatible. Judging by the photo above, Rudy Project is also coordinating colors between their eyewear collection and the new mountain bike helmet.

One of the more interesting features the Protera helmet includes is the ability to remove the helmet straps for cleaning. Rudy Project calls this system “Strap Quick-Change” and it can also be used to customize the helmet with straps of various colors. The Protera utilizes something called “Dry Foam” within the helmet pads that is said to resist sweat absorption, which often leads to stinky helmets.

New Lens Release System

The new Rudy Project Sintryx glasses

Mountain bikers are accustomed to eyewear with interchangeable lenses, but in practice it is often difficult and unnerving to swap out lenses. Over the past year or so we’ve seen other eyewear companies working on this problem as well, offering up easier lens-change systems.

Rudy Project’s system appears to be one of the simplest and most robust I’ve seen. The release button is located smack in the middle of the wearer’s forehead, making it easy to find and actuate.

No word yet on pricing or availability for the Protera helmet or Sintryx eyewear.

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