American Classic Tires are Back with $35 Narrow, Knobby Tires

American Classic tires are back with some very affordable options for 700c and 650b.

American Classic tires are reentering the cycling-verse and they have a few narrow, knobby options for gravel/singletrack hybrid riders and they are a heck of a deal. American Classic says their gravel tire collection is one of the most versatile on the market and they have five different models for every kind of terrain. They will initially be available only in the US through a direct-to-consumer model, through Amazon and their website.

The brand says that because of their ability to efficiently produce tires in-house and because of the sales model, the tires will all be very competitively priced. Their most singletrack-ready tires include the Udden, Wentworth, and Krumbein.

The Udden is an aggressive gravel tire, available in 700x40c, 50c, and 650Bx47, weighing between 565g and 680g. They all have the same Rubberforce G compound and Stage 5S sidewall protection. All of them are priced at $35. The Udden works best on loose gravel or hard-packed dirt according to American Classic.

The Wentworth.

The Wentworth ties performance between hardpacked dirt, loose gravel, and singletrack, with tightly-spaced center knobs and aggressive cornering treads. The tire is available in either 700x40c or 50c, or 650Bx47. The tire weighs between 550-740g and costs $35.

The Krumbein

The Krumbein is the most aggressive tire American Classic is currently offering and is made for either loose gravel or singletrack. The Krumbein has aggressive side knobs and taller center knobs. The Krumbein comes in either 700x40c or 50c, and 650Bx47. The tire weighs between 585-700g depending on size, and costs $35.

Check out the American Classic website to see more info.