First Look: Revel Makes the 115mm Ranger More Robust, Future-Proof

The Revel Ranger cross-country bike has been updated with increased lateral stiffness and compatibility with SRAM Eagle Transmission. We'll be testing the bike this spring.

When Revel launched their cross-country/trail bike the Ranger in 2020, they slapped the incredible Canfield Balance Formula suspension platform on a light and stiff frame with 115mm of travel and progressive geometry, and have had one of the most popular bikes in the category since.

Today, Revel has a new version of the Ranger out, making a great bike just a little bit better. The changes aren’t sweeping. In fact, it’s more of a dusting, but it should make the frame “future proof” in more ways than one.

What’s new?

Hot off the launch of the SRAM Transmission, the new Ranger utilizes a new rear triangle that adopts the Universal Derailleur Hanger and makes it compatible with Eagle Transmission.

Revel also updated the links and hardware on the rear triangle with larger bearings on the lower rearward pivot. Revel says this improves lateral stiffness in the rear by 20% without weight gain, improves chainring clearance, and make makes for easier maintenance. As a former Revel frame owner who suffered issues with pivot points, it’s great to see the brand making the linkage more robust.

The bike gets two new colors, sort of. It uses a pearly orange color called Tang, which has been in use on the Rail 27.5, and the De La Coal charcoal color, but with copper lettering instead of white. The shock gets new titanium mounting hardware and there is updated frame protection, like the chain slap guard and a little mud guard in the rear.

The Ranger keeps 115mm of travel and a 120mm fork, and the geometry is the same as it was too. On the size medium test bike that I’ve got, that means a 67.5° HTA, a 75.3° STA, a 1,170mm wheelbase, 436mm chainstays, and 453mm of reach.

Ride impressions

Spring in Colorado being what it is, I haven’t had much ride time on the new Ranger yet. But the familiar CBF feels great, as expected, on this short-travel package. I can say that the bike is very light and responsive to pedaling and steering input. We haven’t had a chance to try out any version of the Ranger yet, so we’re excited to have a comprehensive review of this rig in the next few months. With the weather brightening up, we’ll be putting some good miles on it so keep an eye out.