Today we talk about mountain bike helmets: the history of helmets in cycling, how helmets are constructed, and what mountain bikers should look for when purchasing a new helmet.

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  • kawazoomer

    Interesting topic. Off topic, which children are another issue, should gov save us from ourselves by requiring a helmet? Should be your choice as an adult in a “free” country right? I find it funny that you freak out when you see a motorcyclist ride on the street without a helmet, yet this has been done before you were born.
    Anyway. As freaked out as you guys are about seeing a mountain biker without a helmet I would think you would be just as freaked out if they did not have a full face helmet. The idea of the helmet is to stop concussions and even possibly death, but if you read medical studies, injuries to the face can cause concussions just as easily and at the speed of some ride down hill death can occur as well, yet when asked why mountain bikers don’t wear them, excuses like what they used in races climbing, they are too hot/too heavy, some now days use the excuse of price.
    For dirtbikes/motocross, you will have a hard time finding a helmet that is not full face, only for street bike riders do these helmets still exist.
    At even slow speeds down a hill your face hitting a rock could knock you unconscious at faster speeds could cause death. In many of the over the bars videos on youtube when the rider is knocked unconscious, they had a helmet on, but their face being firmly planted into the dirt knocked them out. Not to mention dental work, or the surgery needed if you break the bones in your face.
    If you are going to try to protect the rider from himself, shouldn’t you/gov/local laws.. require a full faced helmet to prevent concussions and or death? These tiny helmets often don’t cover the back of the head or the ears. If you are going up against a sharp protruding rock, better coverage like a motorcycle helmet would be in order it would seem… if you are trying to protect the rider from himself. If you cannot trust the rider to make the right decision to wear a helmet and require him by law to wear one, shouldn’t you make sure the law states it is a full face helmet since these things that look like a styrofoam hat do not provide full protection? You may even be inducing a false sense of security by requiring only a helmet (instead of a full face), encouraging a rider to ride faster on the down hills now he thinks the styrofoam hat type helmet fully protects him.

  • mongwolf

    I’m one of those ST users who puts up photos with riders not wearing their helmet. But you try to get a Mongolian man to wear a helmet as he is climbing one of these long, steep Mongolian slopes which usually has more hike-a-bike sections than not. I have talked to them about it more than once, but you don’t change a Mongolian man’s mind so easily. So as long as they put on their helmets before we turn back downhill, I say nothing any more. The only problem too is that our very best rider doesn’t wear a helmet at all up or down. So he is an influence in the wrong direction. It takes time to change things and these kinds of things are cultural too. It took time to change in the US. I guess it’s going to take time to change here too.

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