Osprey Gets Hip to the Hip Pack for Mountain Biking with the Seral and Savu

Osprey introduces two new hip packs designed specifically for mountain biking: the Seral and Savu.

The Osprey Savu hip pack. all photos: Jeff Barber

Osprey is officially getting into the hip pack game for mountain biking.

For years, mountain bikers have been choosing the Osprey Talon 6 for singletrack shenanigans, despite the fact that the pack was originally designed for hiking and trail running. We know plenty of riders who swear by this pack for mountain biking, but Osprey figured they could do better.

With that in mind, the company is offering not one but two new hips packs for 2019 designed specifically for mountain biking.

Osprey Seral

The Seral is the larger of the two new hip packs, and includes a 1.5L hydration reservoir. Osprey keeps the signature magnetic hose attachment the company is known for, and combines it with a wide waist belt and well-ventilated back panel.

Speaking of the waist belt, the design for both the Seral and Savu hip packs began with flipping the Talon belt upside. Hikers and bikers utilize very different body positions, so it was important for these bike-specific packs to take that into account.

The Seral offers a total of 7L of carrying capacity, and will retail for $85 USD which includes the hydration bladder.

Osprey Savu

A bungee-style cable keeps the bottle in place, while a rigid plastic plate (ride side of the pouch) gives the pack shape and adds to the overall stability.

The Savu packs plenty of easy-access storage while still offering the option for hauling a decent amount of water. Dual water-bottle holders feature a rigid plastic plate that allows the pack to keep its shape and stability. For those who choose to keep bottles on the bike, the plate can be shifted to flatten the pack and keep the load even more stable.

Both packs utilize dual cinch straps on each side to tighten up the load, and easy-access side pockets for small items like energy bars or a multi-tool.

The Osprey Savu is a more compact pack than the Seral with just 4L of storage capacity, and does not come with water bottles. MSRP: $55 USD.

The Seral and Savu are part of Osprey’s Spring 2019 collection, and should be available early next year.

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