OneUp Has Another Steerer Tube Tool Option With Additional Functions

There's a new carrier option for the OneUp stash tool system that eliminates the star-fangled nut altogether.

OneUp jumped into the stash-tool game with their threaded steerer-tube system that allowed riders to store a CO2 and multi-tool inside the fork steerer. Then came their preload-adjusting stem that eliminated the pipe-threading step, and they recently released a new option that uses a star-fangled nut to hold a shorter tool and simpler carrier in place. Today they have another carrier option that returns to the more comprehensive tool selection, and simply tightens the carrier to a plate at the base of the steerer tube.

The latest tool carrier extends through the length of the fork steerer tube, and will tighten everything in place as long as your steerer meets the 185mm minimum length measurement. Like similar systems on the market, the carrier body is used as a top-cap pulling the stem into the lower base plate to set the headset bearing preload. This setup looks to simplify things a bit, while adding back the chain tool that’s missing from the last update.

The V2 tool includes four spoke-key sizes, 2-8mm hex keys, a T25 bit, a chain breaker, a tire lever, a flathead screwdriver, a valve core tool, spare chain link storage, CO2 storage, and a spare rotor bolt. This updated V2 tool has an improved chain tool and spoke keys, with a connected compartment for tire plugs and their pokey tool. It retails for $59.50 USD, €59, £54, or $78 CAD, and is compatible with all of the V1 carrier systems.

The updated V2 carrier is available in nine colors including black, red, blue, green, orange, purple, gold, and oil slick (rainbow), and it retails for $40 USD, €40.50, £36.50, or $52 CAD.

▶︎ Available at Worldwide Cyclery

If none of these options fit your fancy, it’s still possible to carry the tool inside a OneUp pump, mounted alongside your water bottle.