Lezyne Launches Redesigned Multi-Tool Lineup

Lezyne has some sweet new folding instruments on offer today. Their focus when designing the updated multi-tool range was to create sleek and lightweight collections of the tools riders need most. The brand says that they lengthened the tool shafts, making it easier to access hidden bolt heads while cutting weight on the tool chassis. Several of the new models are available with what Lezyne calls Black Anti-Corrosive Technology,

A few of the multi-tool models includes a CO2 inflator head and puncture plug tool.

With 23 models across the RAP II, V Pro, SV PRO, Super V, and Super SV ranges, Lezyne likely has a multi-tool for most trail side triage.

The Rap II CO2 starts at $29.99

The tool with some of the broadest uses is called the Rap II CO2, offering between 6 and 25 useful bits and bobs. The Rap II-19 CO2 model weighs a reported 158g, and includes hex keys from 2-10mm, a Torx 25 and Philips screwdriver head, a chain breaker, chain link holder, and a CO2 inflator, with models starting at $29.99. There’s also a Rap II tool that foregoes the CO2 inflator, starting at $12.99.

With several models between, varying in their number of tools and intention, the new line ends at the Super SV tool, which retails for $49.99. The Super SV has all stainless steel tool bits, an alloy frame, and comes in two sizes. The larger Super SV 23 weighs a reported 156g, with 2-10mm hex heys, 25 and 30mm Torx, a Phillips head, a chainbreaker a space for a spare link, a rotor truing tool, and a puncture plugging tool complete with plug storage.

Head over to the Lezyne site for additional details, and to check out the other models.

⭐️ Find Lezyne multi-tools at Backcountry and other online retailers.