New 8-Bit Pack Pliers from Wolf Tooth Will Cover Most Trailside Repairs

This improved set of chainlink pliers has 17 functions and includes bits to fit most bolts on a mountain bike.

What’s the element that nearly every multi-tool lacks, and every rider eventually needs? Chainlink pliers, which are included in this compact new set of 8-Bit Pack Pliers from Wolf Tooth Components.

The tool covers 17 functions, including a spoke wrench, valve-core wrench, flat head #3.5, and Phillips #2 screwdriver, hex bits from 2-8mm, and T10 and T25 Torx bits. Other useful functions include installing and removing master links, clearing tire sealant clogs from the valve stem, and tightening the valve stem lock nut. If only it had a coffee percolator.

All of the bits are held safe in the handle with magnets at a total weight of 68g. The 8-Bit Pack Pliers can be ordered with one of nine different pivot-bolt colors for $69.95 or €73.

Head over to Wolf Tooth for further details.