OneUp Simplifies the EDC Multi-Tool System Using a Star nut

OneUp Components has a third iteration of its popular EDC stash tool system, and this time there's no need to thread the inside of your steerer tube.

OneUp Components has a third iteration of its popular EDC stash tool system. Their original multi-tool retention model uses a tap to thread the fork’s steerer tube, with a lockring-style top cap that tightens the headset and holds the tool in place. Take two uses a proprietary OneUp stem to tighten the headset, doing away with the need to thread the fork steerer. With this latest version, named EDC LITE, it seems their engineers looked back at all of the possibilities and decided that the star-fangled-nut they had been removing would work well to hold things in place.

As the above image shows, the redesigned tool carrier tightens into a low mounted star nut to pull the headset tight and keep the tool secure and quiet. Riders with a few extra minutes to spare could almost certainly insert a compression plug at the correct measured depth, foregoing the star nut all together. That way, when it’s time to sell the fork there isn’t a star nut mounted where it won’t work with a traditional top-cap. The compression plug could simply be loosened and removed.

OneUp says that they included all of the most used tools from their original multi-tool wit the the EDC LITE. The 9-function folding tool holds a 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm hex, a T25 and a flathead screwdriver bit.

This updated version does eliminate the chain-breaker and CO2 cartridge carrying element from the carrier, so riders will need to find some other place to mount their gas canisters, or pack a pump.

The full EDC LITE system reportedly adds a scant 75g to your bike. The carrier is available in seven different colors (black not pictured) that match all of the other OneUp components and retails for €/$40 on the OneUp website. Replacement carriers cost $15, allowing you to use the same tool on multiple bikes