Stash Tools Beneath Fizik Saddles with their new Alpaca Tool Carrier

Fizik has a new proprietary stash tool to accompany their broad off-road saddle lineup called the Alpaca Tool Carrier. The saddle-mounted tool carrier packs a pair of 16oz. CO2 cartridges and a multi-tool with a built-in inflator head.

The handy multi-tool folds twelve tools in all, including 2-8mm hex keys, a T10 and T25 Torx, and a flathead and Phillips screwdriver along with the CO2 adaptor. Fizik says that there’s also room in the carrier for a pair of zip ties and a few other small essential items. That leaves riders with a tube and chain tool to strap to the frame or cram in a pocket.

Alpaca Tool Carriers are only designed to fit Fizik saddles, and they clamp to the saddle with a single bolt to keep everything tidy and quiet. They also leave space for the battery on SRAM AXS droppers, as pictured above,

The Alpaca Tool Carrier is available now at for €40 or $39.99.

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