New Helmet Features Integrated Camera

We just got a press release about the Bult Helmet Camera from C-Preme and on the surface it looks really slick. Everything is integrated and tucked in nicely, and the company touts the fact that the design eliminates “the added weight and imbalance, (and) the awkward aesthetic and unreliability” of traditional helmet + camera set-ups. The initial inspiration for this product comes from the surfing world, though the company plans a big launch at Interbike next month.

The camera itself isn’t full HD–720p–but that’s generally enough for most weekend warriors. The camera angle can be adjusted which should make getting good video less hit or miss than the infinitely adjustable add-on models on the market today.

Now, there is no word on whether the camera can be removed from the “digital helmet” which could be a big limitation for upgrades. Even worse, if the helmet is damaged in a crash you’re not just shopping for a new helmet–you’ll need a new camera too, even if the integrated camera itself comes out just fine.

Still, the Bult integrated helmet camera should be safer than “ghetto mounted” helmet cameras that use velcro or zip ties to attach to the helmet. If you’ve ever had your helmet camera catch a tree branch, you know the force can be enough to knock a rider off the bike. And that might just be reason enough to give this one a try!

Update: I forgot to mention pricing. At $119 MSRP this is about half the cost a more typical helmet camera and on the high end for a regular skate-style helmet without camera.