How Bike Bearings Work, and Why You Should Pay Attention to Them

Bicycle bearings tend to be out of sight, out of mind for most riders but they're crucial for smooth suspension pivots, quiet bottom brackets, and fast spinning pedals.

Matt Harvey is the co-founder of Enduro Bearings, a company dedicated to producing premium, high quality bearings for the bicycle industry. He’s been working in bike shops starting as a teenager and later for industry brands like Gary Fisher and Bianchi.

  • What was your ‘aha’ moment for forming Enduro Bearings?
  • What makes bicycle bearings different from bearings used for other purposes?
  • What are the challenges involved in designing high performance bicycle bearings?
  • Which parts of a mountain bike will benefit the most from high quality bearings? 
  • How do you know when your bearings are worn out, or need maintenance?
  • Are bearings generally serviceable, or are home mechanics better off replacing them?
  • What kind of grease should you use for bearings?
  • What’s the advantage of ceramic bearing balls?
  • Where are most bearings products produced?
  • Why do you think Pressfit bottom brackets have such a bad reputation?
  • Aside from bottom brackets, it seems like the bearings in pedals tend to give riders problems over time. Why is that?
  • What’s next for Enduro Bearings? Is there still potential for innovation and improvement in bicycle bearings?

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