Garmin Announces New Edge 530 and 830 Computers that Track Your Total Jumps, Loft Distance, and Hangtime Per Ride

Garmin adds a host of mountain bike specific features to their latest GPS units, and even offers a mountain bike bundle with optional accessories.
Photos: Stephanie Shultz / Garmin

The global positioning system (GPS) specialists at Garmin are jumping ahead with their next two cycling specific offerings. The new Edge 530 and Edge 830 are packed with all of the training and mapping features that Gramin fans know and love, and a few extras to sweeten the deal. The most notable difference between the two bike computers is that the Edge 530 uses buttons to select features, while the 830 employs a touchscreen that the brand says works swimmingly in wet weather and while wearing gloves.

Topping the list of newly formulated functions is what Garmin calls Climb Pro, a feature showing riders how much ascent they have ahead of them. In a similar vein of in-ride info, the new software will read the temperature and perceived effort to remind you when It’s time to hydrate. The computer and associated cadence and speed sensors will calculate perceived effort and training data over time, to help athletes better understand where their level of fitness is, and what they can do to improve it.

The Edge 530 uses 4 buttons instead of a touch screen.

The coolest update to mention is the device’s ability to track the number of times you leave the ground, jump distance, and overall ride hangtime, culminating in a difficulty score for your ride based on how smooth or rough the overall profile is. If you dig comparing overall speed and track times, hold on to your hat — the post ride data session just gained some fun variables.

The Edge 830 is sleek and button free

The 530 and 830 have a host of safety features including built-in incident detection and a group messaging feature that lets you stay in touch with your friends if you get separated on the trail. Like other Garmin devices, riders will be able to create and load maps for coming rides or download maps of rides that other folks have put together from sites like Singletracks.

  • Edge 530, $299.99
  • Edge 830, $399.99
  • 20 hours run time in GPS mode
  • Compatible with all Garmin ANT+ sensors
Training plans at a glance

The optional mountain bike bundle throws in a protective silicon case, remote, a MTB-specific mount, and a speed sensor for an extra $70.

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