Cascade Components has New Suspension Links for the Commencal Meta AM and the Transition Scout

Cascade Components adds replacement linkages for the Commencal Meta AM and Transition Scout.

Wow, Cascade Components comes up a lot in MTB news! That’s because they are regularly turning out links to shift the kinematics of rad bikes in the direction that owners of those frames desire. Every new link released is akin to checking lottery numbers. “Did they pick my bike? Did I win?”

Their latest release includes a link for the popular 2019-2020 Commencal Meta AM long-travel ride. The CNC’d chunk of 6061 aluminum is made in the USA, with a set of Enduro MAX bearings pressed in, and it comes in red or black for $369 or €425. The updated link and shock-yolk bump the bike’s travel up to 165mm with the stock shock, and increases its single-pivot driven linkage significantly, from 17% progression to a springy 23%.

In terms of how this affects the bike’s ride feel, Cascade Components says, “bottom out resistance is increased which is noticed when hitting larger drops and jumps. An increase in mid-stroke support helps the bike maintain composure when hitting G-outs, berms, and jumps. An increase in small bump compliance helps the rider hold better traction across smaller rocks and roots. This bump in progression also helps the frame pair better with coil and large can air shocks while also reducing the need to run an excessively stiff spring rate or excessive compression damping.”

The Transition Scout also gets it’s own link today, designed to work with the 2018 to 2020 models. There is a separate link for the latest iteration of the Scout. The link comes in black or raw silver, and retails for $319 or €367.

Owners of 2018-2020 Scout frames will receive an additional 10mm of of rear axle travel with the new link, making it an even 140mm with the stock shock. As ever, the new link increases progressivity in the system, but in this case that increase is massive. The Scout moves form a low 11% with the stock link to a coil-friendly 20% that should give it a more lively and supportive character.

Overall, these changes should make the Scout feel like a new bike, and Cascade says, “These changes are all done using the stock shock size and without altering the geometry. If you are looking to breathe new life into your Scout look no further. As we’ve said before, the link transforms the handling in a way that can’t be duplicated by a shock, volume spacers, or damping tune.”

Head over to Cascade Components for further details.