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    I’d second what tonkota suggested. It had been 10 years since I had been on a mountain bike this past January and I wasn’t sure if I was going to get back into it for sure or not but wanted something capable enough that it didn’t turn me off forever. My budget was around the $1000 not because it was all I had available but I didn’t want to spend $10,000 on something I wasn’t going get into. So the LBS cut me a crazy good deal on a 2014 Specialized Camber Comp 29 for $1600 because it was last years model. It was nearly twice my original budget but at this point it was completely worth it. I also found my Mom and Dad bikes that were a couple years old both for less than $800 both full suspension and basically brand new. One was a Santa Cruz the other a Trek. So to find a new bike that is 1 or two years old under that $1000 is definitely possible. Good luck on the search.

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    After only being on a new mountain bike for 6 months now I have to second what schwim said. Proper bike set up is worth working through yourself or having help doing and it will help your rear more than any padding will.

    That being said I try to shop as smart as I possibly can and have been able to find two sets of the Fox Ranger Short with liner for mid $20 brand new. For what I spent on them they were worth the money. Mostly because of the liners breathability and their fit that help keep from chaffing on long (30+ mile) rides. Other than that it is just something everyone has to toughin up as they begin riding.

    As a reference My rear quite hurting about 1 month after I started riding 3 times a week. Keep it up it will get better!

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    Well sounds like you ought to be planning a trip! If you make it you are sure to have a blast along the route you are thinking about taking. Keep us up to date on the plan.

    in reply to: Winters Off – Where Should I Go? XC Riding. #127256

    John is right and depending on when you went there is some great fishing down there too.
    http://www.utah.com/fish/southern_utah_ … waters.htm

    in reply to: Utah Trip in August #127220

    Depending on work schedule I could probably swing it to show you around Moab a little or if you get tired of the crowd I could show you some stuff up in the San Rafael swell that is a blast to ride. I travel from Price through Moab, Cortez Colorado, and Farmington New Mexico for work every other week and have ridden quite a bit along in those areas too.

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    My wife and I are in the same boat, we just got new bikes in January this year. What I have found that works best for me is on trails that I have ridden or not extremely technical clipless is the way to go for my skill level. They enable me to pedal more efficiently and ride longer at the end of the day. I wear clipless probably 90% of the time. Also the more you ride the easier and more natural unclipping will get so you will lose some of the intimidation factor of wrecking when clipped in. Also I know when my pedals and cleats were brand new they were pretty hard to unclip even on the easiest setting. With time they wore in and it has become almost second nature to unclip when going over.
    That being said I have hung onto the cheap plastic flats that came on my bike for riding new technical trails I have never ridden. I know they don’t offer great grip but they do offer me the confidence to ride new technical trails I would be afraid of wrecking hard on due to panic and inability to unclip.
    Whatever the case no matter what anyone else says do what you are most confident doing. If riding clipless makes your experience more traumatic than fun then go with flats and enjoy the ride!
    Good luck!

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    Luckily on a mountain bike I have been lucky enough to only get the usual bumps,scrapes, bruises, and cuts but nothing major.
    I did however just get back into mountain biking this January after about a 12 year hiatus. Prior to that I had sustained enough injuries while in the Marine Corps that through multiple reconstructive surgeries, lots of hardware, and years of rehab I had to seek out an activity for exercise that was lower impact than running and backpacking.
    So here I am hoping I take things a little slower and more cautiously than I used to, so I can refrain from the nasty injuries.

    in reply to: Fruita advice? #127101

    Thanks John,
    The plan to begin with was to hit Koko Monday and 18 road Tuesday. I think we will still plan on that and if it seems to wet when we get to 18 road then just head back over to Kokopelli. With that much time we can have good riding time wasted! Thanks for a little more assurance on the plan.

    in reply to: New Trail @ Goblin Valley #126983

    Trails done! Hopefully I’ll get a chance to get down and ride the complete trail and review it here.

    in reply to: Food Cravings? #126880

    I second John’s craving with the seefood diet! I would have to say there’s nothing like homemade BBQ chicken on the grill with some pasta salad, roasted veggies on a skewer, and fruit salad….
    After a long ride I just don’t want to prepare that though so I eat everything in sight. ha ha

    in reply to: Winter Womble #126827

    Nothing like watching a video like that and getting the urge to ride then looking out the window to see the snowy muddy mess… Great video made me want to ride too.

    in reply to: Printing your own carbon fiber mountain bike #126684

    That is incredible!

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