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      If you look at the thing that you don’t want to hit, you’re probably going to hit it.

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      Pull back on the bars, not up.

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      Go tubeless

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      HA!…what scale are we talking here; a moderate rock?  a 150 year old oak tree?

      Moderate rock = “meh.”

      Large Oak Tree = “get religious real quick.”  😉

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      “You don’t quit riding because you’re old, you’re old because you quit riding.” – unknown

      Advice: Never quit riding!

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      Be prepared.

      (Stolen from the Boy Scouts.)

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      “No glove, no love”

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      Stay out of my way.



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      Ride on !!!!!!!

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      …what I do I do because I like to do.

      (stolen from Anthony Burgess)

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      When coasting down the trail, have your pedals level with the ground or you could end up on the ground.

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      Monosyllabic has five.

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      When you’re breaking the law, don’t break the law.

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      “Light hands, heavy feet”

      “One-finger on the brakes”

      Learned both of those at a clinic at Ray’s in Cleveland. Both have helped.

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      If you’re not scared, you’re not getting better.

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      If you can’t remember your last crash, you’ve stopped getting better.

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      Do NOT put your brakes on when you’re in the air.

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      You’ll never know how fast you can go till you go faster than you should go.

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      Bones mend, Press send


      borrowed from Bike Morzine

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      Lean your bike don’t turn your wheel

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      Trees ALWAYS have the right of way.

      (From the originator of this topic, mtb69r, who is a veritable fount of one-line wisdom.)

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        Haha… Thanks Jeff.

        I do have a confession though. I have not followed all of these at least once.

        And sad to say, I have more.



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      “Get on your bikes and ride”

      Freddie Mercury  – Fat Bottom Girls

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        The longer you go without falling only increases your odds of falling. Due factor.

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      Jumping a ramp on a mountain bike is absolutely completely different than jumping a ramp on a moto-x bike.

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      Check the landing area before you jump!

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      Slower traffic keep right!

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      Farleys not Harleys.

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      Descents are made for wheels not heels.

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      Climbing technical terrain requires requires precise application of force.

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      Have fun.

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      Run whatcha brung.

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      Look where you want to go. If you look down, you’re gonna fall down.

      Same concept as “If you look at the thing that you don’t want to hit, you’re probably going to hit it.”

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        Don’t think, pedal and roll. Just pedal and roll.

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      Don’t wear your clipless shoes too tight. You could break your leg if you crash and your foot is stuck in the pedal..

      2/14/2017 Indeed

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      Always look fiercely ahead.

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      Ride in your bike, not on your bike

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      “I don’t use brakes, they just slow you down…” -Missy Giove


      I actually overheard he tell this to a fan who asked about her brake preference in dual slalom.

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      Mechanical advantage becomes apparent 5 miles up.


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      Be confident not cocky.

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      Safety first!

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      DO NOT eat the yellow snow.

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      if your not crashing your not trying hard enough

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      Enjoy the ride!

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      Learn to use the front brake, it is where your weight is pushing into and keeps traction.

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      Point your belly button (position your hips) in the direction you want to corner.

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