Lance Armstrong wrecked and ended up with a bloodied face while riding the Tom Blake trail in Aspen, Colorado, according to an Instagram post from Armstrong.

The former professional road racer, Leadville 100 winner, and controversial athlete posted a photo on Instagram on Wednesday, August 8th of himself with a swollen nose and blood on his jersey.

“Well, sometimes you’re the hammer and sometimes you’re the nail!” said Armstrong.

Armstrong says that a younger version of himself would have blown off a hospital visit, but he now realizes the importance of seeking medical attention after a serious blow to the head.

Armstrong appears to be OK, although he did not mention if he would need further medical attention.

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  • rajflyboy

    After this current mess with team Sky I think it is time to re instate Lance Armstrong’s Tour de France Wins

    And this even though I hate what lance did

    • Taylor Harris

      You’ve go to have a big ball to ride a mountain bike in Lance’s case

  • Plusbike Nerd

    Lance Armstrong is a liar and a cheater and a doper and a disgrace to the cycling community. By cheating, he kept honest, clean, drug-free cyclist from being rightful champions. All of his fame is built on deception. Someone like him should should be permanently banned from all cycling events and shunned by all cycling publications. In my opinion, Singletracks is diminished by giving space to Lance Armstrong in this fine publication. I would prefer that Singletracks remove this post and never mention him again. How about giving space instead to clean, honest athletes.

  • rajflyboy

    And this is true but why does Froome and Wiggins and others get the free pass for doping ?

    Lance is a mountain biker and is still relevant in the industry. Americans are people who tend to eventually forgive people for wrong doing.

  • Downhill Mike

    Back in those days everyone was doping in road so what Lance did was kind of fair. All riders in the top 20 were doping in the 90’s. I know people who used to race at those levels and that is what I was told. So let’s not point fingers at Lance he is not the only one.

  • sg.mclean

    I also agree ! If you look back at every Tour de France winner l think you will find evidence of drugs at some stage in there careers bar ownly one I can think of and that would be Cadel Evens.
    Armstrong was the most gifted Tour rider in history .
    I remember a top Australian professional triathlete telling me about a young 15-16 year old boy by the name Lance Armstrong and What a absolute freak he was as an athlete and cyclist.
    I think the biggest challenge in a tour is not getting run down and sick or crashing.
    A lot of the prohibitive drug for cyclists are for quick recovery from each day.
    I have some ex pro cyclist friends who have said if you are lucky enough to get picked up by a pro team you will do what ever is ask to stay on the team.
    It’s all about winning not being a top bloke.???????

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