Taproot Films is working on an interesting documentary called Type1Rider about diabetic Tony Cervati and his quest to compete in this year’s Great Divide Race. Tony has been training for 3 years now and wanted to do something big to raise awareness for Type 1 diabetes beyond his existing blog of the same name (type1rider.org). So he decided to sign up for one of the toughest and longest unsupported mountain bike races on the planet.

Like many grassroots documentary projects, Type1Rider is trying to raise funds to finish up the project and they’ve posted a donation page over at KickStarter where you can make a pledge. The cost of filming the 2,800 mile race from Canada to Mexico across the Rockies is obviously huge so they can use any help you can offer. Fortunately Tony has already garnered the support of some big name sponsors like Trek and Crankbrothers.

Good luck to the producers for getting the film financed but most of all to Tony in his race. We can’t wait to watch this unfold on the screen!

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  • trek7k

    Interesting note: Tony lives in Durham where singletracks was based from 2004-2008. I’m pretty sure the opening bike scene in the trailer was filmed in the Duke Forest just off NC 751.

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